10 Reasons Why Your Cat Needs A Water Fountain

If you are like most pet owners, you know how difficult it can be to keep your cat hydrated. Cats need fresh water every day, and they will avoid drinking old water, which can lead to dehydration. In fact, cats will drink from a running faucet, or water fountain rather than an old bowl of water. 

If your cat isn’t getting enough water and seems disinterested in their water bowl, then it’s time for a change. Switching to a water fountain is a great idea, and here are the top reasons why you should get one for your cat. Don’t forget to keep reading to discover the 5 best water fountains for cats.

1. Less Prone To Bacteria

A still pool of water is an invitation for bacteria to breed in.

On the other hand, flowing water is less likely to harbor harmful bacteria, and stays fresher for longer compared to sitting water, which can also start to taste unpleasant to your cat. 

Cat water fountains also usually have filters that remove contaminants from the water, which benefits your cat’s immune system, keeping them safe from harmful bacteria and diseases.

2. Large Reservoirs

Cat water fountains have a larger water reservoir than regular cat dishes, meaning there’s no need to go back and forth refilling your cat’s water dish. Also, when you leave your cat at home, you won’t have to worry about your cat getting thirsty since there’s less of a chance that he’s going to run out of water soon.

In fact, most cat water fountains only need to be refilled once every 1-3 weeks, depending on the size of the reservoir.

3. Cooler water

Cat water fountains provide an excellent source of cold and clean water, which cats prefer.

In fact, a pet fountain can keep the water 1-2 degrees cooler than a standard water bowl, which your cat will be much happier to drink.

4. Improved hydration

Hydration is the important for your cats overall health. Because a water fountain can keep water just the way your cat likes it, they will drink more water than from a standing bowl and have improved digestion and nutrient absorption. Which also lowers the risk of kidney or urinary infections in your cat.

5. It Smells Amazing (For Cats)

Cats have incredible eyesight, but they have an even more remarkable sense of smell. As a result, they can detect scents that the human olfactory senses usually cannot. For example, cats can detect a scent at concentrations 20 times lower than a human, and they’re drawn to things that smell like food.

Since water fountains have filters for both the water supply and the air inside them, they’ll be attracted to the scent of the fresh clean water, and they will likely drink more water than ever before.

6. Adjustable Speed

A cat water fountain will allow you to adjust the speed of the water, so you won’t have to stress about wasting it. You can control the water stream to a flow that is comfortable for you and your cat.

7. Low Maintenance

You don’t have to clean your cat’s water fountain as often. The reservoir in the bottom of the pet fountains is designed so that bacteria can’t build up. This means that you won’t have to do a thorough rinse every day. 

When it does come to cleaning, products for pet water fountains are available at most stores, and they’re simple to use. Just make sure that the components of the water fountain are completely dry before putting them back in place.

8. Elevated water reservoirs

Cats are naturally drawn to shallow water, which means they will most likely refuse to drink from deep bowls. When the water level reaches their chin or neck, they typically find it uncomfortable. 

Water fountains are designed with an elevated water reservoir, so cats feel less threatened. They like it when the water is at a depth of about two inches, but you can adjust this depending on your cat’s preferences. 

9. Intrigue

Cats are curious creatures and are naturally drawn by anything new, especially something that creates an exciting sound. So with the flowing sound of water that your fountain would bring, your cats are sure to be on it in no time.

A good thing about drinking fountains is that they’ll keep your cats engaged. Fountains with spout-type delivery, for example, mimic the movement of water in a faucet where it trickles or pours from a spout. As a result, cats tend to perceive it more clearly, and thus they would be more comfortable drinking it than the usual still water in a bowl.

10. It’s Fun 

Who doesn’t love playing with water? Your cat is, of course, no exception. 

Water fountains have tiny jets that will spray your furry friend when they drink from them, which means more playtime for them! You’ll also find that it’s easy for them to go from a stream of water or continue sipping from a slow spout without worrying about spilling anything.

Your cat will be able to watch the water flow and drink at their leisure. Some fountains also have a bubble feature on the top, which makes them even more fun!

Is A Water Fountain Good For Cats?

Water fountains are beneficial for cats. A cat water fountain provides clean water that is less prone to bacteria in an elevated reservoir for your cat to enjoy. Your cat will more likely be interested in the water and become more hydrated, allowing them to live longer and happier.

Should I Buy My Cat A Water Fountain?

If you have any concerns about how much water your cat is drinking, or if you are tired of having to constantly clean and refill your cat’s water bowl then a cat water fountain is the ideal solution.

To help you out we have compiled the five best cat water fountain.

1. PetKit Eversweet 2

This is one of the best cat water fountains on the market. The PetKit Eversweet offers three options for water flow, which the cat can choose from: trickle, moderate, and fast.

This water fountain is made of durable and sturdy stainless steel, which means it won’t break easily. Plus, it comes with a built-in filter for removing contaminants from your furry friend’s drink. 


  • Stainless steel
  • Built-in filter
  • Easy to clean
  • Adjustable speed of the water
  • Large tank for drinking and playing
  • Filter replacement alert


  • Noisy
  • Must manually adjust the water level
  • Heavier than other brands (1.2kg)

2. CatIt Flower Fountain

The CatIt Flower Fountain is a cat water fountain that’s more like an artwork piece. This fountain is perfect for the more picky type of cats.

It’s quieter and doesn’t have an adjustable speed, but also has a large reservoir for water.


  • Triple action filter
  • BPA-free
  • Beautiful design
  • Great for fussy cats
  • Quieter than other fountains
  • Large reservoir (100oz / 3L)
  • Low power usage
  • Light weight (0.6 kg)


  • You must replace the filter every few months (it costs about $15)
  • Made from plastic

3. Pioneer Pet Raindrop

If you’re looking for something sort of classy, this is where you should go.

The Pioneer Pet Raindrop has one of the largest reservoirs out there, and its soothing sounds are complemented by its elegant design. As a result, this can be a good choice for bigger cats. The pump is 12 volts and has a 120-volt power source that draws only 2 watts of power, which consumes less than a night light.


  • A soothing sound of the water falling from its spout
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Circulating water
  • Great for larger cats
  • Stainless steel


  • Small reservoir (1.7L / 60oz)
  • Have to adjust the spout position to reduce noise
  • You must replace the filter every few months, which can get expensive

4. PetSafe DrinkWell

PetSafe DrinkWell is a durable and aesthetically pleasing cat water fountain with automatic flow control that ensures your pet will be drinking at the right pace. In addition, its elevated water dish is set to bring your cat’s drink closer to their level–which means less bending over for them.

Drinkwell Pet Fountains incorporate a low voltage power supply that you can plug into a standard electrical outlet. It consumes very little power and averages about 2.5 watts per hour. A fountain running for 24 hours consumes roughly the same amount of energy as a 60 watt light bulb used for an hour.


  • Unique design
  • Elevated water dish close to the level of your cat
  • Free-falling stream
  • Replaceable carbon filter
  • Customize water flow strength
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA-free


  • Must manually adjust the water level
  • Small reservoir (1.5L / 50oz)
  • Made from plastic

5. Cat Mate Pet Fountain

With the Cat Mate Pet Fountain, you can give your cat the best of both worlds. You can use this water fountain without electricity, as it comes with an adapter that allows you to power it from your car. And did you know that it works as an automatic feeder as well?


  • Convenient for car travel
  • No electricity is required if plugged into a car
  • More durable and sturdy
  • Multi-height drinking levels
  • Super quiet
  • You can use it for outdoor trips
  • Lightweight (0.4kg / 1lb)
  • 3 year guarantee


  • Must manually adjust water level every time it’s moved around or unplugged
  • You must replace filter over time
  • Not dishwasher safe


Are Cat Water Fountains Worth It?

A cat water fountain is a safer and more practical option than a standing water bowl. The health and behavioral benefits of a water fountain make one a worthwhile investment.

Benefits include:

  • Improved hydration
  • Reduced risk of infections
  • Cooler, fresher water
  • Lower maintenance

Cat fountains are also available in a range of shapes, sizes and water circulation speeds to suit your cat’s specific needs.

Do Cat Water Fountains Use a Lot of Electricity?

Cat water fountains that are electricity operated use approximately the same amount of power in 24 hours that a standard light bulb would use in 1 hour. Cat water fountains are also available as battery-operated if it is preferred. However, the overall electricity consumption is more environmental friendly and more cost efficient than the battery options.

How Often Should You Change The Water of a Cat Fountain?

The water in a cat fountain should be regularly changed in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. However, the water should be changed at least every 4-5 days for 34oz / 1L fountains, 9-10 days for 70oz / 2L fountains and 2-3 weeks for 100oz / 3L fountains.

Cat water fountains should also be thoroughly cleaned every 2-4 weeks, and whenever a filter is replaced.

Cats need at least 3.5 to 4.5oz of water per 5 pounds of their body weight, so a 10-pound cat will need between 7-9oz (200-265ml) of fresh water each day.

So a cat will need their water fountain replenished to ensure an adequate supply for their hydration.

Where Should I Put My Cat’s Water Fountain – And Why?

A cat water fountain should be placed on the floor away from any food, this includes the cat’s food bowl and the kitchen in general. The water fountain must be placed in an area of the house that will not receive direct sunlight as this can promote algal growth. Ideally, position the water fountain in an area with lots of space, away from obstacles, furniture and toys that could impinge on your cat’s ability to move around the fountain to drink.

By doing this, your cat will have room to move around while drinking its water, and it also makes the most sense for cleaning purposes. The location of the fountain will also help your cat to drink more water, as they’re less likely to be distracted and stop their drinking session prematurely.

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