Best Pitchers For Iced Tea – Hot Or Cold

Iced tea is a refreshing summer beverage that many people enjoy. One of the best parts about iced tea is how easy it is to make, but there’s one common question: what type of pitcher should you use? There are many different pitchers on the market, and they all have their various pros and cons. 

The best pitchers for iced tea are capable of holding both hot or cold liquid, are durable, easy to use, have the appropriate strainer, filter or infuser, and are aesthetically pleasing.

In this article, we will be going over the things you need to consider before purchasing a pitcher for your home. And for those who are not confident with their iced tea-making skills, you’ll also learn how to use a pitcher for iced tea. Finally, this article will discuss different types of pitchers across different brands and discuss why they are good in their respective ways.

How To Use a Pitcher for Iced Tea

There are many different ways of making iced tea in a pitcher. Some pitchers have built-in accessories that make the iced tea preparation process easier.

A pitcher with an infuser, for example, will have a filter that is attached to the lid or on one of the handles. This will allow you to add loose leaf tea directly into iced water and let it steep without adding any sugar, milk or other additives for extra flavoring.

On the other hand, some iced tea pitchers are stove safe, which means that they are generally temperature resistant. These kinds of pitchers can withstand being put directly onto your stove top.

In this section, we’re going to go through the different methods of making iced tea depending on the pitcher.

Regular Iced Tea Pitcher

Most people have a regular iced tea pitcher in their refrigerator. This is the most common type of pitcher used for making cold-brewed iced teas, but it can also be used to make hot or chilled versions as well. As long as you keep stirring and don’t overfill your pitcher, there should not be any problems with the tea spilling over.

This is a good way to make iced tea because it’s the most straightforward one. Even a beginner can be successful with this pitcher. You simply add cold water or ice cubes and then steep your tea bag in hot water before adding the mixture into your regular iced tea glass; makes enough for an entire day of drinking at home.

This is a great pitcher for iced tea since it’s affordable and reliable. However, some people find themselves with a problem because they can only make one drink at a time. This means that you’ll have to keep the rest of your water in another container or use ice cubes to brew more drinks later on.

Iced Tea Pitcher With Infuser

An iced tea pitcher with an infuser is a good idea if you want to make more than one glass of iced tea at once. It extracts the maximum flavor from your tea, and it does not require any straining as there are holes in the filter that allow water to flow through without adding unwanted sediment into your drink.

This type of pitcher works by pouring over hot or cold water for steeping before filling up the rest of the container with ice cubes (or crushed ice). You can adjust how much water you use depending on how strong you like your drinks.

The downside to this type of pitcher is that it may take some getting used to since they are very different from regular pitchers. The filter also may get clogged if you don’t clean and dry it regularly.

Iced Tea Pitcher for Loose Leaf Tea

Iced tea pitchers for loose leaf tea are a great investment if you like to have control over the strength of your drink. They come with built-in filters that allow juices and flavorings to be added without any messy clogs or spills, which is perfect for people who love iced tea but can’t handle stuff getting in their teeth when they sip it.

These types of pitchers usually don’t need straining, so you’ll taste the same fresh flavors as cold brews do (without having to make hot water). You also won’t get sediment mixed into your drinks because there’s no room at the bottom; just fill up these containers with ice once they’re already full of steeped liquid!

The downside? Well, you will need to clean them after each use. This is not a big deal if you’re using one pitcher for yourself, but it can be problematic when the pitcher has been used in a business setting.

Stove Safe Iced Tea Pitcher

This type of pitcher is generally made from stainless steel or borosilicate glass and can be placed directly on the stovetop. They allow you to heat water or tea in them, which means that they’re helpful for making hot iced teas as well!

They are easy to clean because all you have to do is pour out any excess liquid after use before running a container brush over the surface. You don’t need to wash these pitchers with soap every time; just rinse everything off with warm water and then dry completely before using again.

The downside? These types of pitchers don’t work so well if your stove is not capable of staying at a low enough temperature (i.e., not good on gas stoves. Work well on radiant electric cook top stoves).

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Pitcher

Before we can start talking about the best pitcher, we need to go over what makes a pitcher ideal for preparing iced tea. There are a couple of factors we first need to take into account when looking for a pitcher for your iced tea needs.

Material and Durability

The first thing that people usually think about when deciding which pitcher to use is what material the pitcher is made out of. There are many different types of materials that pitchers are made out of, but for the most part, there are two main materials: plastic and glass.

Plastic pitchers generally work well since they’re lighter weight and cheaper in cost, but the downside is that it’s possible for them to be degraded by hot water, which poses the risk of contaminating your tea with unwanted substances and chemicals. Cold-brewed teas on the other hand are fine when it comes to plastic pitchers. Another thing to consider is that plastic pitchers sometimes don’t hold up well when put through the dishwasher.

Glass pitchers also have their own pros and cons; while they may not be degraded by high temperatures, they could easily break after being dropped once onto a hard surface and leave tiny shards of glass all over your kitchen area which is extremely dangerous! A good thing with using glass pitchers though is that they can be put through a cycle without any problem whatsoever.

What material a pitcher is made out of goes hand in hand with its durability. Durability, in this situation, is the length of time a pitcher can last before needing to be replaced. This can vary a whole lot from person to person; depending on their usage, environment, and many other factors. It’s important to take note that generally, pitchers made out of plastic last longer than those made out of glass and/or porcelain as the latter can easily break if you’re not too careful with using them.

Size and Capacity

If you drink a lot of iced tea or are serving many people, it is worth considering getting a pitcher that holds more than just one serving. Although this will take up a larger space in your kitchen or on the countertop, an extra-large size can help save time and money by not having to brew multiple times.

If you are only drinking for yourself sometimes though, then it may be better to find something smaller that does not have as much wasted space-occupying your fridge.

Another thing people need to consider is the size of the drinking glasses available at home. If you drink out of smaller glasses, then a larger pitcher may not be necessary and could actually make your tea taste weaker because there is more water than liquid in the mixture. If you drink out of larger glasses on the other hand, then a smaller pitcher may not hold enough iced tea for your needs.

Most standard pitchers generally have a capacity of 60-80 ounces and have a height of no more than 12 inches. These standard-sized pitchers can easily fit inside most modern home refrigerators. It only gets a little trickier to store them with those bigger pitchers that have a capacity of a gallon or more.


Another factor that you should take into account when deciding which pitcher to use is what different accessories it has. These accessories help make your mixing and brewing process easier in different ways.

A lid can be used for straining tea leaves and keeping the ice from melting faster, but lids are not always included in pitchers so it’s important to check if one is available before purchase. Lids can also help you from accidentally spilling your tea. Some lids are even airtight to prevent the contamination of harmful microorganisms.

A strainer is a useful accessory to have if you use tea leaves rather than bags. Like lids, not all pitchers come with a strainer so it’s important to make sure that one is available if that is what you need.

Handles can be helpful for easier pouring. A handle will make it possible to pour your iced tea without having to put all of the pitcher’s weight on just one of your arms.

A spout makes it easier to fill cups and glasses with iced tea. If you want to pour your tea without having it go everywhere, then a pitcher with a spout is exactly what you need. This makes pouring easier and more precise so that your precious tea will not accidentally spill in all directions!

A filter is also an accessory that some people may need. Some pitchers will have filters already built-in, but if not, you can buy one separately to make cleaning easy and mess-free.

An infuser is another accessory that some people may want. An infuser is a container that you put your tea leaves or bag in and it will be steeped as the pitcher pours. This is a good option if you want to make loose leaf tea but have the convenience of having it in your pitcher.


The final thing to consider when deciding which type of pitcher is best for iced tea is what your aesthetic preference would be.

If you want something that looks good on your countertop or in your kitchen, then it’s worth considering a nice-looking glass or porcelain pitcher. If you’re more interested in having an affordable and easy-to-clean plastic product though, there are plenty of options available too!

The choice between different aesthetics will depend on personal preferences and needs, so make sure to take these into account before making any final decisions.

Another aesthetic consideration you might have is the shape of your pitcher. The most common types available are round, or usually square-shaped pitchers that have a curved handle on one side for easy pouring and serving. These can also come in some other shapes as well such as rectangular, triangle-shaped, octagonal, etc., but they’re more unusual and not as common.

The last thing to keep in mind is the color. There are many colors available for pitchers, but most of them will be either white or clear with some minor variations like reds and blues mixed in as well. At the end of the day, choosing the color and overall look of your pitcher is going to be up to your own personal preference!

Our Top Five Picks For The Best Iced Tea Pitchers

Now that we’ve managed to learn about the different things that you should be considering when looking for the best pitcher for iced tea, it’s time to get specific and start looking at some recommendations. But before we get to our best overall recommendation for iced tea pitchers, let’s go over some honorable mentions that are almost as good as it gets!

LargePour Airtight Pitcher – Best Iced Tea Pitcher for Fridge

This 3.2 quart airtight pitcher from Japanese brand Practico Kitchen is our choice for best-iced tea pitcher for the fridge.

What makes this particular pitcher the absolute best for use in the fridge is its airtight and leak-proof black lid. This makes it so that your precious iced tea is kept completely sealed inside of your pitcher, away from harmful microorganisms such as algae spores and bacteria. The lid also has a thumb-activated locking mechanism which makes it almost impossible to accidentally spill your iced tea.

The LargePour Airtight Pitcher is made from advanced heat-resistant BPA-Free SAN plastic. This type of plastic is known for being durable and even almost glasslike to the touch. This also means that this particular pitcher is capable of holding even boiling water. So if you want a quick hot-brew tea, this pitcher can also do the job!

Another great feature of the LargePour Airtight Pitcher is its large capacity! You can easily serve both hot and cold-brewed teas for up to eight people simultaneously. 

The LargePour Airtight pitcher is available both in Amazon and Walmart.

Takeya Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker – Best Plastic Iced Tea Pitcher

The main selling point of the Takeya Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker is its patented  Flash Chill System that promises you excellently made iced tea in just a few minutes. What makes this particular pitcher the best plastic iced tea pitcher is its inherent durability, an assortment of accessories, and affordable price!

The Takeya Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker is available in two sizes (1 quart and 2 quarts), and features a see-through lid, spout with stopper (for storing your tea), and convenient handles. The Takeya Iced Tea Maker is made from BPA-free plastic and has an insulation layer that keeps iced or hot beverages at your desired temperature.

This pitcher also has its own built-in fine mesh infuser that eliminates the need for loose leaves or tea bags. It’s lid is also made to be leakproof which is always a nice feature to have!

The Takeya Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker can be purchased on Amazon or on Takeya’s website.

Ovalware RJ3 Cold Brew Maker and Tea Infuser – Best Cold Brew Iced Tea Pitcher

The Ovalware RJ-03 Cold Brew Maker and Tea Infuser is a versatile, attractive pitcher that brews not just iced or hot teas, but can also perfectly brew your morning coffee.

This pitcher has its own built-in stainless steel infuser that makes it easy to steep your favorite loose leaf tea. The infuser is removable, making cleaning extremely easy. 

The pitcher also has an innovative design that prevents the flavor from escaping as you serve iced or hot drinks thanks in part to its airtight seal. It functions perfectly as a cold brew iced tea pitcher as it can easily fit inside your home fridge! This elegant yet durable design means this cold brew maker will last for years as long as it is properly cared for.

The Ovalware RJ-03 Cold Brew Maker and Tea Infuser is available for purchase on Amazon and Ovalware’s official website.

Bormioli Rocco Hermetic Seal Glass Pitcher – Best Iced Tea Maker with Glass Pitcher

Hailing from Italy, the Bormioli Rocco Hermetic Seal Glass Pitcher is the perfect glass iced tea maker that sports superior quality and design. It’s a large, two-quart pitcher with an airtight lid that seals in freshness and flavor.  Made from durable glass with a leak-proof seal, this pitcher is ideal for daily use. It’s dishwasher safe and guaranteed to last for a very long time given proper care and attention.

One very important thing to take note of, is to never use the Bormioli Rocco Hermetic Seal Glass Pitcher with hot water as it is very sensitive to high temperatures and might cause it to form cracks, or break altogether. Other than that though, this is a perfect glass iced tea pitcher for your iced tea needs that will last for years.

The Bormioli Rocco Hermetic Seal Glass Pitcher is available on Amazon and Walmart.

Hiware Glass Pitcher – Best Overall Iced Tea Pitcher

The Hiware Glass Pitcher is an iced tea pitcher with quality like no other. This is our number 1 pick for the best pitcher for making iced tea. With its beautiful design and functionality, the Hiware glass pitcher has been deemed as one of the best overall pitchers for making ice-cold tea in an instant.

This two-quart pitcher holds up to 68 ounces at once, which should be enough space for refreshing beverages all day long for your friends and family! It’s also dishwasher safe so you can easily toss it into your machine after each use without any worries or leaks getting out.

This pitcher is made from extremely high quality and heat resistant borosilicate glass which makes it suitable even for temperatures as high as 300 degrees! This means you can even use this glass pitcher on your stovetop for your hot brew teas and not encounter problems.

This material also makes it possible for you to leave the pitcher inside your fridge for when you want ice-cold beverages. Another great thing the Hiware Glass Pitcher has going for itself is that it is certified to be BPA and lead-free

This pitcher also has a stainless steel filter attached to its lid which keeps particulates and tea leaves from getting in the way of your beverage. This makes it extremely easy to brew your tea and not experience the hassle of having to remove these small leaves after mixing your drink.

Its wide mouth design also makes it extremely easy for handwashing and cleaning, as the inside surfaces are easily accessible from the top.

The Hiware Glass Pitcher has been recommended thousands of times by Amazon reviews and it proves just how durable and competent this product can be. It can now be purchased at an affordable price on Amazon.

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