BPA Free Water Bottles For Toddlers

BPA is an industrial chemical used in the production of polycarbonate, a common component of water bottles for toddlers. It is known to cause developmental problems, including nerve and behavioral disorders in small children between 1-3 years.

Drinking from BPA-free water bottles protects toddlers from these hazards. 

To help you understand more about this chemical, and particularly how it affects your water bottle use, we have put together five things you need to know about BPA and BPA-free water bottles.

What Is a BPA Free Water Bottle?

A BPA-free water bottle does not have its plastic lining made from Bisphenol A (BPA), a dangerous chemical routinely used to produce baby bottles and toddlers sippy cups.

According to a Harvard University study, toddlers are particularly vulnerable to the endocrine-disrupting side effects of BPA.

Concerns about the dangers of BPA have resulted in eleven states, including California and New York, banning the use of BPA in water bottles for toddlers and children, which has encouraged the widespread adoption of safer BPA-free water bottles for toddlers.

Health Benefits Of Drinking From BPA Free Water Bottles For Toddlers

A primary benefit of using BPA-free water bottles for toddlers is that there is no danger of ingesting bisphenolparticles in the epoxy resins and polycarbonate plastics leaching from the inner water bottles into the liquids.

With around 90% of US adults having significant exposure to BPA, toddlers are at higher risk because of the relatively higher chemical absorption rates of their smaller bodies.  

Drinking BPA-free water bottles have several health benefits for toddlers because they eliminate BPA related health concerns which include:

  1. Obesity – toddlers with high levels of BPA urine concentrations are more likely to express high food intake per pound of body mass.
  1. Behavioral disorders – elevated counts of bisphenolparticles in toddlers result in attention disorders and hyperactivity, including increased aggression in 2- year old girls.
  1. Delayed growth – a consequence of bisphenolexposure is delayed neurodevelopment in infants and kids. 

The health outcomes listed above are generally more severe in toddlers with significant prenatal bisphenolexposure.

How to Determine If A Water Bottle is BPA-Free

There’s no way to determine if a water bottle is BPA-free simply by its shape or appearance. Although it is commonly assumed that opaque plastics areBPA-free,this is not entirely accurate in all cases.

Here are some tips to correctly identify a BPA-free water bottle for toddlers without a lab test.

They include:

  1. Plastic water bottles labeled as unbreakable are not BPA-free. Avoid them.
  1. Acrylic water bottles for toddlers are BPA-free. Check for the hand wash label on the bottle to confirm.
  1. Water bottles for toddlers have a plastic resin identification code (recycling code) that indicates whether they are BPA-free or not. Codes; PET, HDPE, LDPE, PP, or PS shows the water bottle is BPA-free.
  1. Plastic water bottles for toddlers have a recycling number ranging from 1-7 embedded in a triangular symbol.
    • Numbers 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6 indicate a high probability the water bottle is BPA-free.
    • 3, means the water bottle probably has BPA.
    • 7, means there’s no way of you knowing whether the water bottle contains BPA or not.
  1. Don’t buy plastic water bottles produced from PVC materials because they contain BPA.

Note: determining whether plastic water bottles for toddlers produced before July 2012 without recycling numbers contain BPA can be problematic. It is better to stay clear of them.

7 BPA-Free Water bottles for Toddlers

Below is a list of high-quality and affordable BPA-free water bottles for your toddler or kid. We have selected them across several websites including Amazon, and mygululu.com.

1. CamelBak eddy Kids BPA- Free Water Bottle

Modeled to fit snugly in your kids’ little hands, designers of the BPA-Free and spill-proof CamelBak eddy water bottle for toddlers have thought of everything possible to make it child safe.

It features a convenient carry handle and removable parts for easy cleaning. Additional features include an easy-to-use straw, attractive graphics to activate your kids, and a compact structure that fits in children’s lunch bags.

2. Tommee Tippee Insulated Sportee Toddler Water Bottle

The BPA-free Tommee Tippee water bottle for boys comes in an attractive blue and orange color with an easy grab handle that’s perfect for that big boy look.

Among its kid-friendly features is a spill-proof and bite-resistant mouthpiece design to reduce constant wiping and make the liquids last longer during family trips and an insulated core to keep liquid temperatures consistent.

3. Tritan Kids Water Bottle with Straw

Made from reusable BPA-free polyester plastic, the Tritan BPA-free water bottle for toddlers is an eco-friendly drinking option that’s totally kids safe.

Features that make the Tritan BPA-free water bottle an excellent choice for small children include a mouthpiece that pops up at the touch of a button, a fruit strainer that makes it easy for your kids to access essential vitamins while drinking, a sanitary cover for the mouthpiece to keep out first, and a spill-proof top lid.

4. Zak Designs Marvel Kids Bottle

The Zak Designs Marvel water bottle for kids isn’t only BPA-free but is also produced from highly durable break-resistant plastics to prevent leaks. The built-in loop handle design allows for convenient carrying, while parents can toss it into a dishwasher for cleaning.

Features include a spill and leak-proof bottle lid, a compact design for easy handling by toddlers, and removable drinking straw that you can clean to protect your precious kids from germs.

5. Kids Water Bottle

Weighing only 9oz, but packed with several amazing features. The Kids Water Bottle is BPA-free and the insulated stainless steel container has a double-wall vacuum that can maintain the temperature of your toddler’s liquid contents for up to a day.

Its unique features include a silicone seal around the lid edges and mouthpiece to prevent leakages during drinking or pouring liquid.

6. CANTEENies Kids Stainless Steel BPA Free Water Bottle

This CANTEENies BPA-free 14oz vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottle is ideal for little girls. It is excellent for travel and will keep your toddler’s hot or cold drink at suitable temperatures during long trips.

Features include a leak-proof design and flip up straw, carry handle, and a strong and light-weight metal that is durable even if (when) dropped. It comes with stickers so your child can personalize their water bottle the way THEY want to – a fun activity that also makes it easier to find. This colorful water bottle even comes with scrunchies! Canteenies Kids Stainless Steel and BPA-free water bottles are available in several attractive colors.

7. Gululu Go – Parrot Green

Safe, Fun & Interactive Water Bottle

Gululu is renowned for several innovative products, and the New ‘Gululu Go’ BPA-free water bottle is no exception. Its lightweight, compact size fits little hands, and toddlers can easily carry it around with a specially designed latch.

Features include an easy-clean spout, a durable modular design, virtual ‘pets’ that talk to your kid through a sound speaker, and an educational game that encourages your kid to develop a healthy water drinking habit.


Although not all states have banned the use of polycarbonates containing BPA, you can keep your toddler safe by insisting on checking the labels declaring a water bottle to be BPA-free. There are online resources to guide and help identify brands committed to manufacturing high-quality, BPA-free water bottles that are safe for use by toddlers and little kids.

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