Brands Of Bottled Water With Electrolytes

You may have noticed that there are a number of bottled water brands available in your local grocery store. You may find it difficult to decide which brand is right for you. An important consideration is whether they contain electrolytes.

Our bodies require electrolytes, such as sodium, potassium, and magnesium, to perform processes such as muscle contraction and nerve conduction.

In addition, they may be added to bottled water to enhance taste, replace minerals removed in water treatment processes, or improve athletic performance. 

Popular Brands Of Bottled Water With Electrolytes

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Core Hydration

Core Hydration‘s bottled water contains the right combination of electrolytes and minerals to maintain your body’s pH balance. The product does not contain fluoride, chromium 6, MTBE, arsenic or chlorine.

As opposed to other brands, this brand uses sodium bicarbonate, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, and potassium bicarbonate. 

In addition, the bottle has a contoured design for greater accessibility, as well as a cup cap for sharing. Core Hydration bottles are also 100% recyclable and BPA-free.


Using microfiltration and reverse osmosis, Essentia‘s bottled water is 99.9% pure. Its proprietary blend of electrolytes is said to hydrate the body in the best way possible while also enhancing the water’s taste. Essentia produces smooth pH water by removing bitter-tasting acidic ions.


Propel’s flavored water is available in 11 different flavors and is backed by the Gatorade Sports Science Institute. Electrolytes, antioxidants, and vitamins in the drink help you replenish what you lose through sweat. Propel bottled water contains no sugar, so taking it after a workout won’t add back the calories you burned. 


LIFEWTR Premium Purified Water has an easy-to-use flip cap for on-the-go hydration. It also contains magnesium sulfate and potassium bicarbonate added for flavor. LIFEWTR purifies water using reverse osmosis and then adds electrolytes back in to give it a pure, clean taste.

Glaceau Smartwater

Glaceau Smartwater is purified via vapor distillation, the same process that cleanses water in nature. Smart Water presents a distinctive, crisp, and pure taste through the unique blend of calcium, magnesium, and potassium. It contains no sugar, calories, coloring, or artificial flavors.


Each VitaminWater bottle has zero sugar and zero calories. It is packed with Vitamins B5, B6, B12​​, and C. VitaminWater flavors include Zero XXX, Zero Squeezed, and Zero Rise.


TEN Alkaline Spring Water is taken from America’s underwater springs in the Great Appalachian Valley. The company uses a calibrated electronic meter to check the pH balance of its water. Its bottle is also BPA-free and 100% recyclable. 

Ever & Ever 

Ever And Ever Still Water uses a recyclable, BPA-free aluminum bottle. Its water is pH balanced through reverse osmosis, and electrolytes have been added for taste. The company claims that its water is enhanced for optimal hydration and convenience and for the future of our planet. 


The Surfwater bottled water is electrolyte-enhanced and pH balanced. It is available in two purified varieties: Still and Sparkling. Surfwater Still Water also uses 100% recyclable aluminum bottles, keeping the water cold for a more extended period.


FIJI Natural Artesian Water is bottled from a natural, sustainable artesian aquifer in the remote Fijian Islands with a 7.7pH.


The blk. bottle has fulvic-enhanced all-natural mineral water. With powerful electrolytes and a high pH, it increases hydration and restores balance in the body. Water distillation at blk. is accomplished only by using fulvic acid, humic acid, and trace minerals from deep in the earth. No calories, no sugar, and no carbohydrates are present.


Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water originates in Hawaii from snowmelt and rain that falls on the peak of Mauna Loa volcano. Filtered through porous volcanic rock, the water is then enhanced with minerals and electrolytes.

Additionally, Waiakea utilizes BPA-free, RPET post-consumer recycled plastic and reduces carbon emissions by over 90% with its energy-efficient manufacturing process. With every liter you buy, the company donates one week’s worth of clean water to those in need in Africa and other parts of the world.

Northern Chill

Northern Chill Naturally Alkaline Mineral Spring Water is made in the USA and bottled from an aquifer created by glaciers in Wisconsin. It has minerals & electrolytes naturally filtered with a creamy taste.


The Evian Natural Spring Water starts from beneath the French Alps before delivering natural hydration and naturally occurring electrolytes. Its recyclable plastic bottles contain up to 35% recycled plastic. 


365 Electrolyte Water contains deionized water and electrolytes such as potassium bicarbonate, calcium chloride, and magnesium chloride.

Perfect Hydration

The Perfect Hydration Alkaline Water is purified using a 9-stage filtration process. The bottle is shaped to fit perfectly in your hand. PH bottled water is enhanced with minerals and electrolytes with no harmful additives.


VOSS + Aquamin Purified Water is a unique multi-mineral drink sustainably sourced from Icelandic coastal waters. This product contains 74 trace minerals and electrolytes, ensuring optimal hydration and a pleasant taste. 

VOSS utilizes 100% recycled PET bottles and a cap made of recycled food-grade plastic, making it the most environmentally sustainable among the VOSS products. Its lightweight design is ideal for backpacks, purses, and gym bags.

Benefits of Electrolytes

Electrolytes For Improved Exercise Performance

Besides sodium, sweat also contains electrolytes such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium. With every liter of sweat, you lose about 1 gram of sodium.

It has been shown that even a slight loss of water can lead to diminished strength, speed, and focus. People may benefit from electrolyte-enhanced waters by replenishing electrolytes, water, and energy lost during exercise.

Electrolyte Water For Illness

Dehydration from vomiting and diarrhea is especially dangerous for infants and children. Typically, vomiting and diarrhea do not pose a severe threat in the short term. However, it is essential to replace electrolytes and fluids if severe symptoms persist.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, an oral rehydration solution should be given at the first signs of illness. Electrolyte water, however, may not be sufficient for treating severe dehydration. 

Electrolyte Water vs. Regular Water

It is essential to stay hydrated for overall health. The body needs water for most of its functions, including absorbing nutrients, regulating body temperature, and flushing toxins.

Electrolyte and regular water are both important sources of daily fluids, as are other beverages such as coffee, tea, and fruit juices. Electrolyte water is generally misunderstood as being superior to regular water as a source of hydration. However, this is not the case in every situation.

Electrolyte water may be beneficial if you’re at risk for quick losses of minerals. As long as you do not play sports or suffer from any illness, regular water will, however, suffice to meet your daily hydration needs.


There are many brands of bottled water with electrolytes available in the market. Minerals in electrolyte water help your body function properly. Although they aren’t necessary all the time, electrolyte-enhanced drinks can be beneficial if you’re suffering from vomiting or diarrhea or exercising for a long time in a warm environment.


When Should You Drink Water With Electrolytes?

To replace electrolytes lost in sweat, it is recommended to drink electrolyte-enhanced water during exercise rather than regular water. By doing so, your heart, brain, muscle, and nervous system will function better.

What Happens When Your Electrolytes Are Low?

Electrolyte dehydration can impair blood clotting, muscle contraction, acid balance, and fluid balance within your body. The heart is a muscle, so electrolytes are essential for its proper function.

Can Low Electrolytes Cause Weight Gain?

A shift in fluid balance can occur when electrolyte levels drop or rise too quickly. Water weight may increase as a result.

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