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Make Epic Water Dispensers

Material BPA-Free Plastic

Purification Method Carbon Block Filter

Size 36 Cup

Your tap water is not as clean as it looks; just because you can’t see the chemicals and microbes in tap water doesn’t mean that your tap water is free of them. Having tap water or well water to drink at home might pose serious health and safety concerns. Epic Water Filters help mitigate your concerns regarding water quality and provide you access to lots of clean water at the press of a button.

Epic Pure and Nano Water Filter Dispensers are one of the best water filters capable of removing 99.99% of all water contaminants. They are efficiently designed, have 150 gallons water purifying capacity, 3-4 months average lifespan, lifetime warranty, filter life countdown timer, and long-lasting intelligent filters.

They are entirely BPA-free, replaceable, and recyclable. With the ability to replace more than 1500 plastic water bottles, they eliminate the need to buy plastic water bottles providing you great tasting clean freshwater.

A recent ‘Nature’ Study on clean water crisis in the United States (based on data from American Community Survey and the Environmental Protection Agency) shows that 489,836 households completely lacked a plumbing system, 21,035 homes were in non-compliance with the Clean Water Act, and 1,165 community water systems are in serious violation of Safe Drinking Water Act.

Epic Filters has come forward with its much-anticipated products having a large water purification capacity to cope with this clean drinking water crisis.

Since its launch in 2015, Epic Water Filter, with its world-class filtration technology, has emerged as one of the best water filters to date.

Epic Water Filter entered the market with a mission to provide clean drinking water and reduce single-use plastic bottles (i.e., reusable plastic bottles) by providing an ‘EPIC’ alternative.

Now with the launch of Epic Pure and Nano Water Filter Dispensers, they’re aiming to bring clean drinking water to more and more homes across the world.

In this article, we are going to take a deep dive into the Epic Pure and Nano dispensers, their filtration system, benefits, similarities and differences, and everything you need to know about Epic Pure and Nano water filter dispensers.

Features and Benefits

1-The Water Filtration System

The Epic dispenser employs the same Pure and Nano filters we have been familiar with for a long time. These high-quality solid Carbon filters are the triple capacity gravity water filters that provide clean and healthy water. They can last 3-4 times longer than the other famous water filters available in the market, and perform the same magic to filter out unwanted tap water contaminants.

Epic Nano Water Filter Dispenser

Epic Nano Water Filter Dispenser, the 36 cup water dispenser, comes with an efficient sub-micron water filtration system that can remove up to 99.99% of all tap water contaminants. It employs a combination of nanofiber technology, Ion exchange, activated carbon to remove harmful water contaminants. Each filter has a water purifying capacity of 150 gallons, i.e., 568 liters.

They are entirely BPA-free, vegan, and made up of 100% approved food-grade material.

These filters are easily replaceable with an average life span of 3 to 4 months.

They are total ”US Made” and tested for contaminant reduction standards such as NSF/ANSI Standards 42, 53, 401, P473, and P231 (For detailed information on Epic Nano testing standards you can read our other article Best Water Filter Pitcher for Well Water-Epic Nano).

What Can They Remove?

Epic Nano Water Filters are designed to remove various biological contaminants, including bacteria, viruses, and cysts.

Among chemical pollutants, they are tested to remove pesticides, chemical additives, heavy metals, perfluorinated compounds, volatile organic compounds, trihalomethanes, herbicides, volatile organic compounds, semi volatiles, microplastics, Halo acetic acids, radiological elements trace pharmaceuticals.

Some of the major chemical contaminants removed by Epic Pure Nano filters include:

  • Chlorine (96.8%)
  • Molinate (99.8%)
  • Aluminum (99.5%)
  • Cadmium (9.7%)
  • Copper (98.9%)
  • Lead (99.4%)
  • Phenol (99.8%)
  • 1, 1 Dichloroethene (99.4%)
  • Trichloroethene 99.7%
  • Bromoform (99.4%)
  • Nitrobenzene (99.2%)
  • Fluorene (99.8%)
  • Naphthalene 99.7%)
  • Caffeine (98.9%)
  • Bisphenol A (99%)
  • Dalapon (99.9%)
  • Dichloroacetic acid (99.99%)
  • Cobalt 60 (99.73%)
  • Glyphosate (99.9%)
  • Acenaphthene (99.7%)

While Epic Nano water filters can remove various chemical contaminants, the innovative filtration technology retains beneficial trace minerals like magnesium, potassium, and calcium in water with a reverse osmosis system.

Epic Pure Water Filer Dispenser

Epic Pure Dispenser comes with a water filtration system capable of removing 99% of water contaminants. The Carbon block water filtration system (6mm thick) protects you and your family from a wide range of pollutants neglected by other water filters. It comprises specifically engineered micropores only 2 microns in size.

These water filters meet all the water quality standards such as NSF/ANSI Standards 42, 53, 401, & P473 for contaminant reduction.

The Pure water filter lasts an average of up to three to four months; however, its life span varies based on the frequency of use and the quality of water to be filtered.

What Can They Remove?

Proprietary formulated carbon block filters in the Epic Pure water filtration system are tested to remove more than two hundred contaminants in multiple third-party accredited labs.

They can remove various chemical additives, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceutical, and engineering contaminants, microplastics, perfluorinated compounds, Halo acetic Acids, and radiological elements. Some of the significant contaminants removed by Epic Pure Water Filters are:

  • Chlorine (98.4%)
  • Fluoride (97.88%)
  • Chloramine  (98.89%)
  • Alachlor (99.99%)
  • Hexachlorobenzene (99.8%)
  • Delta-BHC ( 99.8%)
  • Arsenic (94%)
  • Beryllium (98%)
  • Chromium (99.2%)
  • Lead (99.94%)
  • Managnese (99.1%)
  • Chloromethane (99%)
  • Bromomethane (97.8%)
  • Benzene (99.4%)
  • PCB’s (99%)
  • Chlorodibromomethane (99.4%)
  • Phenol (99.8%)
  • 1,4-Dioxane (99.58%)
  • Bisphenol A (99%)
  • Uranium 235/238 (99.73%)

2- Design and Asthetics

The Epic Pure and Nano Water Filter Dispensers are simply elegant by design. They are space-efficient.

Epic Pure Water filter dispenser comes in a white colored lid while Epic Nano water filter dispenser is available with a black colored lid.

They are beautifully designed with a slide top. You can easily replace the faucet tab, and the filter won’t jam up, allowing you to fill up the water quickly.

3- Materials

They are made of durable, shatter-resistant, and environment-friendly plastic materials with 100% compostable packaging.

4- Capacity and Life

The bottom reservoir of the Epic Pure and Nano Water Filter Dispenser has a water holding capacity of 6.5L, and the upper reservoir has 2.0L. No more filling several times a day!

Since both the filters are good for 150 gallons, you can easily estimate how long your water filter will last.

Here’s more details on the lifespan of the Epic Pure and Nano Water filter dispensers.

  • Light Use: If you fill your water filter once or twice a day, you’ll have to change the filter every 4-6 months.
  • Normal Use: If you fill your water filter once or twice a day, you’ll have to change the filter every 3-4 months.
  • Heavy Use: If you fill your water filter once or twice a day, you’ll have to change the filter every 2-3 months.

5- Weight and Product Dimensions

Epic Nano Water Filter Dispenser weighs 4.16 Pounds while Epic Pure Water Filter Dispenser system is only 1.89 Kg. The product dimensions are:

  • Epic Nano Water Filter Dispenser: 13.7 x 9.8 x 9.3 inches
  • Epic Pure Water Filter Dispenser: 8.07 x 12.01 x 8.46 inches

6- Price Comparison

Epic Pure and Nano Water Filter Dispensers provide an economical solution to your household and workplace water needs with their large holding capacity.

You can check the latest prices of Epic Pure and Nano Water Filter Dispensers simply by clicking the EPIC WATER or AMAZON links below.

7- LED Timer

The Pure Water Filter Dispenser system comes with a LED timer. This is a life countdown timer integrated into the lid. It counts down from 90 days and reminds you to change the filter on time. No more guesses about the life of your water filter!

8- BPA-Free

Epic Pure and Nano Water Filter Dispensers are made up of BPA-free material (BPA is a contaminant found in most plastics that adversely affects human health). No more worries about the alteration of your genetic makeup by dispenser!

9- Recyclabe

Both Epic Pure and Nano Dispensers can be recycled along with hard to recycle plastics. You can check out their recycling program for more information.

10- Lifetime Warranty

In case you’re not completely satisfied with your Epic Pure or Nano Water Filter Dispenser for any reason, you can claim for exchange or refund. You can visit Epic’s warranty page for further information regarding their exchange/return policy.

11- Best Alternative to Single-Use Plastic Bottles

Whenever you drink from a single-use plastic bottle, a pang of guilt is often there that you’re contributing to accumulating plastic waste on the earth. Epic Pure and Nano Water Filter Dispenser get you out of this guilt as it comes with the perk of serving as an alternative to more than 1,500 plastic water bottles.

12- Ease of Acess

Epic Pure and Nano Water Filter Dispensers are best for large households and workplaces. It can easily sit on a countertop in kitchens or at any other desired location.

If you prefer chilled water, place the Epic dispenser in the refrigerator and enjoy the clean and cool water.

13- Ease of Use

Epic Pure and Nano Filter Dispensers require no technical knowledge for installation or use. Before first use, flush the filters by filling the water twice and discarding it (you can use this water for cleaning purposes or watering plants).

Make sure to read the instructions for using your respective product. If the water filter stops filtering water completely, go for a replacement. Depending upon the frequency of use, home filtration units can last up to one year or even more.

14- Water Filtration Performance

When it comes to performance speed, Epic’s water filters are not the fastest in the market. It’s a gravity filter which means that it solely relies on gravity – No electricity or water pressure is required to pass down the water through the filter.

Water filtration is slow, and the bottom reservoir takes about 20 minutes to fill up. An advantage of using a gravity filter is that water gets a longer contact time with the filtration media allowing a more thorough filtration.

Fast filtration speeds generally mean less reduced contaminant removal.

Major Difference Between Epic Pure and Nano Water Filter Dispenser

Although Epic Pure and Nano Water Filters both use Carbon block filtration technology, there is a significant difference between the two. The Pure filter has three holes in the top, while the Nano filter has a single hole.

Epic Pure Water Filtration system is focused on Fluoride removal along with hundreds of other contaminants While Epic Nano Water Filter Dispenser zeroes in on the removal of various bacteria, cysts, and viruses such as:

  • E. Coli
  • Giardia
  • Cryptosporidium
  • Virus MS2 Phage
  • Legionella Pneumophila
  •  Hepatitis A
  • Salmonella

You can use epic Pure Water Filter for municipal or tap water while the power of Nano filters enables it to be used for outdoor untreated water sources. The Nano filter is better at removing sediments so it can treat hard water as well.

Pro’s and Cons of Epic Pure and Nano Dispenser


No After Taste

The filtered water from Epic Pure or Nano Dispensers tastes excellent without any odor.

Place It Wherever You Want

These countertop water dispensers are not plumbed in and can be placed wherever needed. They can be placed on a worktop without being obtrusive.

Exchange Policy

Epic offers a flexible exchange policy if you don’t find your Pure or Nano Water Filter Dispenser up to expectations. You’re given peace of mind with its 100% lifetime warranty and a hassle-free return policy.

Large Water Holding Capacity

The generous water holding capacity of Epic Pure and Nano water filter dispensers is one of their most appealing features.

Tested To Highest International Standards

Epic Nano and Pure Water Filters are independently tested (laboratory and field tests) and certified across the globe in multiple countries.

Filter Recycling Program

Epic has its own extensive filter recycling programs to minimize its own footprints. This is probably the best way to avoid contributing to plastic waste.



The initial price of Epic Pure and Nano Water Filter Dispensers is high compared to their competitors. However, their effectiveness justifies their cost.

No Return for Discontinued or Closeout Sale Products

The returned Epic products must be present for sale. No return is offered for discontinued items.

Shipment Charges for Return/Exchange

You’ll have to bear the shipment or freight charges for return/exchange.


Buyer reviews complaints about the water filter dispenser being leaky. Some of them even found no improvement in water taste. Some of them reported and issues with the LED timer. However, these might be manufacturing faults and come under warranty.


Is The Epic Pure and Nano Dispenser Dishwasher Safe?

The Pure and Nano filters are not dishwasher safe. Epic Water Filters recommends washing by hand using soap and warm water instead of cleaning the dispenser and reservoir in a dishwasher.

How Do You Clean An Epic Water Dispenser?

For cleaning filters, you can’t use soap. Use a brush and warm water to clean the outer side of the filter. Remember that besides cleaning, it is essential to change your water filter on time.

You can clean the dispenser and reservoir using soap and warm water. Regular cleaning of a dispenser is essential as it is a countertop holding still water that can lead to sediment build-up or bacterial growth. The Epic Pure’s plastic body is crystal clear, and you can quickly tell when it’s time to clean it.

Are Pure and Nano Water Filters Intercahngeable?

Yes, Pure and Nano filters are interchangeable. For example, If you buy a pure water filter dispenser/pitcher but decide to use a Nano filter, You’ll just have to buy a Nano filter, and you can install it seamlessly.

Are Pure and Nano Water Filter Dispensers Suitable for Salt water?

Epic’s filters are not designed to filter salt water as the salt would clog the filter quickly. These filters are tightly packed and capable of removing all tap/well water contaminants.

Should I Buy Epic Pure and Nano Dispenser?

Epic water filter is the industry leader in purifying water, making it drinkable. It costs a bit more than the established brands and slowly filters water due to its carbon block filtration system. However, you can’t put this price over the healthiest purified water.

Estimating the long-term costs, it is economical, in fact, significantly cheaper than dozens of water bottles that you’ll be purchasing otherwise. They’re not only expensive but harmful to the environment.

So it is better to opt for an environmentally friendly water source that can improve the climate crisis due to reduced wastage of disposable water bottles. Why settle for anything less when you’ve high-quality Epic Pure and Nano water Filter dispensers?

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