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Make HydroMATE

Sizes 32oz, 64oz, Gallon

Lid Straw, Screw

Type Motivational

All you need to know about HydroMATE, the motivational water bottle. Prices, benefits, features, pros, and cons.

Keeping to your recommended daily water intake isn’t always that easy. There are some water bottles which can make it easier. Water bottles are super handy when you’re on the move, traveling, at work, or anywhere away from home.

The HydroMATE is an all-in-one colorful water bottle and motivator that is stylish, while keeping you informed and honest about your water intake levels. The HydroMATE comes in three different sizes, one gallon, half-gallon, and 32oz, and four different styles, including flip-top, screw-top, glass, and straw.

Water provides a solid energy boost and can improve your skin’s appearance. Drinking water curbs cravings, balances your fluids, and keeps you hydrated while boosting physical performance.

A daily fluid intake of about 15.5 cups (0.98 gallons) of fluid is recommended for men and 11.5 cups (0.71 gallons) is recommended for women.

Personal water bottles can save you loads of time and money. You don’t need to keep buying bottled water. Also, having a water bottle on hand that keeps 32 oz of liquid or more will quickly fix the need for you to keep topping up.

Continue reading for prices, insights, benefits, features, pros, cons, and answers to keeping your HydroMATE clean and lasting longer.

Who is the HydroMATE for?

Individuals seek stylish water bottles that are BPA-free with added features like a straw or a nice wide mouth to add ice with ease. If you are looking for a better way to stay hydrated – this is could be for you. Whether you are an athlete, a mom, a commuter, or just anyone who is serious about staying hydrated, the HydroMate might be your ideal companion.

Did you know it takes 450 years for disposable water bottles to start decomposing? With a personal water bottle, you are also taking care of the environment by reducing waste.

Price comparison

The HydroMATE is an affordable option for the amount of water you can carry. Starting from only $18.95 for the 32OZ, $20.95 for the half-gallon, and $21.95 for the one-gallon monster.

Giving you great options to choose what bottle you would like for your specific needs with no drastic price fluctuation.

Benefits of the HydroMATE Water Bottle

  • Water time marker – The HydroMATE water time marker keeps you informed, showing when you should drink water while also showing you the amount of water left in your bottle to know how you are progressing. Additionally, there are motivational quotes on each water level mark to keep you going.
  • Stylish and multicolored – The HydroMATE offers various unique colors making it easy to find the right water bottle for your personality. You will spot which water bottle is yours from a distance.
  • Lightweight and smell-free – Lightweight, portable water dispenser with no chemical taste of plastic.

The benefits of having your own personal water bottle are vast. First, it will save you time and money. Second, you know precisely what you are putting into your body, and you can show off your cool water bottle to friends and family.


  • Glass or plastic – Choose between several Dimensions of BPA-free and durable shatter-resistant glass with a hard plastic casing for extra strength. Note that the glass version is only available in the 32OZ water bottles.
  • Hands-free strap – With your purchase of the HydroMATE, a strap is included to sling around your wrist if you need the use of your hands while carrying your bottle.
  • Lids and design options – The HydroMate has various caps, so finding the perfect one for your lifestyle is possible. additionally, there are 3 different lids to choose from, screw, flip, or straw tops assisting you in selecting your preferred way of drinking water.
  • Handles – The half and full gallon have a hand-shaped handle to assist in carrying the large bottle making it easier to carry.

Pro’s and Cons of the HydroMATE


Choose between plastic or glass – You’ve got the choice when selecting the 32OZ water bottle, you have the option to choose between plastic or glass.

Plastic is lighter but glass will look more formal if required. It’s nice HydroMATE offered these two choices.

Water supply in case of an emergency – It is always best to have extra water in your car or home. With HydroMATE, you can keep up to a gallon saved for emergency use.

Affordability -The HydroMATE is an easily affordable, large water bottle, offering water containers of up to a gallon at the price range of $21.95 to $23.95, making it a great price bracket for being able to fill and carry so much water with you.

Large Mouth Opening – The HydroMATE has a large mouth opening. It makes it easy to collect water from various sources so you could even be scooping water from a river or garden hose.


Size – There are not many cons when it comes to a water bottle. If nothing fancy is attempted in creating a water bottle, nothing can really go wrong.

One thing I must note is, if you are buying half a gallon or the gallon HydroMATE, you are going to be carrying a lot of extra weight around. This is a big bottle, and it will have to be carried by the strap if you have a few things in your hand.

The weight of the bottle and thin strap can make carrying uncomfortable with all that water moving around.

ReviewsThere have been several reviews where customers complained about leaks and breaks and the straw not sucking correctly only after a few day’s use.

These cases are minimal as HydroMate is sitting with 4.6-stars on Amazon from over 10 000 reviews.

Returns/Exchanges –  If your bottle arrived broken, be sure to contact HydroMate as they have insurance for these cases but for sanitary purposes, they do not offer returns or exchanges.


How do you clean HydroMATE?

Routine Daily Cleaning:

  • Warm up the bottle in soapy water for 2-5 minutes
  • Make sure the bottle is clean by rinsing it out with water
  • Turn the dry bottle upside down and leave the mouth open

Follow these steps for deep cleaning:

  • Put equal parts vinegar and warm water into the bottle.
  • Shut the bottle and shake it for 30 seconds.
  • After filling the bottle with solution, let it sit overnight.
  • The next morning empty the bottle of its contents.
  • The bottle should be filled with water and one tablespoon of baking soda.
  • Leave it to sit overnight again.
  • The next day the bottle should be soaked in warm soapy water for 2-5 minutes.
  • Re-rinse the bottle with water
  • Dry the bottle upside down with mouth wide open and use it once it is thoroughly dried.

HydroMATE cleaning brush

HydroMATE do make their own specific cleaning brush that won’t scratch the inside of their water bottles and can be used to clean out bottles that have a straw. While you could of course use any flexible brush to clean your water bottle, this one is very easy to use and is available on Amazon.

Can I wash my Hydromate in the dishwasher?

Unfortunately, the HydroMATE is not dishwasher-friendly. When using the dishwasher, the warm temperatures from the machine could damage the plastic or seals and prevent your bottle from sealing correctly.

Do HydroMATE bottles keep water cold?

No, since most of the HydroMate bottles are plastic, they will not keep your water cold. An alternative option is to add some ice blocks as the HydroMate has a large mouth opening to conveniently add ice.

Can you freeze HydroMATE bottles?

The manufacturer does not recommend freezing your HydroMATE. Cold temperatures cause most plastics to become brittle.

Why get a plastic water bottle?

  • Plastic is more durable, light, and safer, available in various colors and shapes.
  • Reduced energy consumption. Glass bottles are heavier than plastic bottles. Therefore, manufacturing plastic bottles consumes less energy compared to manufacturing glass bottles.

A reusable water bottle uses less oil to manufacture, replaces all of the plastics you would have otherwise used, and thus helps reduce your carbon footprint and the plastic burden put on landfills, oceans, streams, and other places that plastic waste ends up.


Considering you are playing an essential role in assisting the environment. The HydroMATE is a cool, funky, and easy-to-use water bottle with stylish colors, practical design, and easy-to-drink lids. They are an excellent fit for any activity.

With competitive pricing, you won’t feel as if you overpaid for a water bottle. HydroMate is a good choice and value for money.

Figure out what you will be using your water bottle mainly for. This will give you a better understanding and insight into the type of water bottle you need.

The choice is now yours to make. Is HydroMate the right bottle for you?

Happy Hydrating!

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