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Material Stainless steel

Sizes 12 Oz to 64 Oz

Lid Spout, straw

Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle: Price,Benefits, Size, Pros and Cons

Staying hydrated is one of the top challenges when you’re hiking, camping, traveling, having a routine workout, or participating in sports. In such situations, you may find it difficult to keep up to the recommended daily water intake, as it is not easy to carry water along with you wherever you go. Iron Flask has come up with the most effective solution with its innovative, cost-effective, lightweight, sustainable, and eco-friendly alternative to plastic bottles.

Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle is a perfect water bottle serving your hydration needs while you’re at the gym, office, store, or at home. The Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle comes in two mouthpiece styles, wide and narrow, with six different sizes viz 14 Oz, 18 Oz, 22 Oz, 32 Oz, 40 Oz, 64 Oz, and 12 Oz, 16 Oz, 20 Oz, 24 Oz, 32 Oz, 64 Oz, respectively.

With its customized three types of lids: spout, flip, and stainless steel (Wide mouth/Narrow mouth spout lid); and straw, flip and stainless steel (wide mouth/Narrow mouth Straw lid), It can be your best choice being super easy to use. It is available in more than 20 vibrant colors.

The U.S. National Academies of Sciences and Engineering Medicine recommends a daily fluid intake of 2.7 liters for women and 3.7 liters for men. Maintaining this fluid level ensures the proper functioning of your body.

A personal water bottle mitigates the need to buy bottled water, and 64 Oz Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle is enough to keep you hydrated for a long time.

In this article, we’ll take you through features, benefits, pros, cons, and everything you need to know about Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle.

How does Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle work?

Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle is an insulated sports water bottle. This double-wall insulation makes it sweat-free, which means no rings on the table and completely dry surroundings wherever you keep the bottle.  Goodbye, dripping and condensation!

You might be wondering what makes Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle insulated and the temperature of drinks stable? Well, it’s the vacuum between two layers of stainless steel that creates this magic by preventing heat transfer through conduction. The inner chamber of stainless steel contributes to sustaining the inner temperature by radiation, i.e., reflecting cold or heat back to the center of the bottle preventing the escape of heat/cold from the bottle.

The tight-fitting leakproof lid of the Iron Flask prevents air from penetrating inside the bottle, thereby stopping heat transfer through convection. Even if the temperature outside is cold, the air cannot enter the inside of the bottle keeping the drink hot.

The 14 Oz, 18 Oz, and 22 Oz Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle can perfectly fit into the cupholder, but if you go for larger sizes such as 32 Oz, 40 Oz, 64 Oz, they don’t fit in the cupholder.

Price Comparison

Iron Flask Sports Bottle provides an affordable solution to your water carrying needs with its varying holding capacity. Prices of Iron Flask Water Bottle might vary slightly with various colors. It would be best if you check for such variations while buying the product. You can check the latest prices of both Straw lid and spout lid Iron Flask water bottles for any size simply by clicking the Amazon links given below.

Prices of Narrow Mouth Iron Flask Sports Bottle-Spout lid

Prices of Narrow Mouth Iron Flask Sports Bottle-Straw lid

Prices of Wide Mouth Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle- Spout lid

Prices of Wide Mouthed Iron Flask sports water bottle- Straw lid

Prominent Features and Benefits

Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle is a dedicated water bottle that can be refilled several times a day to help you stay hydrated and stick to the habit of drinking regularly. It provides you great options to choose from its beautiful colors to sleek style, size, and lids.

1- Manufacturing Material

Another important feature of the Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle is its durability. It is made up of 18/8 premium Stainless steel that is completely non-toxic and 100% BPA-free.

No worries if you’re not good at handling things, and keep your water bottle dropping as it is made up of a high-quality material that keeps it pristine and intact without any chipping on the outer side. Additionally, these bottles are rust-free even, staying in perfect condition for a long time.

2- Lids and Straws without any additional charges

You have to buy extra straws and blades separately for most vacuum-sealed water bottles, but Iron Flask Sports Water Bottles come with two straws and three interchangeable lids.

It comes with a flip lid, a carabiner straw lid (with two straws), and a stainless-steel lid. All of these are included in a single Iron Flask Water Bottle model with no surge pricing, which is not something you’ll get with other brands of water bottle. The stainless-steel lid comprises plastic inside and stainless steel on the outer side.

Traveling with a hot beverage, you can go for stainless steel lid. The carabiner straw lid makes for easy carrying or clipping to yourself, bag, or storage rack. And if you want to avoid any germs or microbes, screw-on flip-top lid for enjoying quick sips.

3- Liquid storage capacity

Iron Flask has to offer numerous options for the wide mouth and narrow mouth water bottles when it comes to liquid storage capacity. You can choose your favorite water bottle ranging in size from 14 Oz to 64 Oz.

4- Weight

Iron Flask Sports Bottles Weigh from 1.3 to 2.7 lbs.

5- Multicolored and Stylish

Iron Flask Bottle has sleek and modern Looks with more than 20 eye-catching pastels to classic shades. The colors include:

  • aquamarine,
  • bubble gum,
  • cotton candy,
  • dark rainbow,
  • fire,
  • fire red,
  • kiwi green,
  • midnight black,
  • peach,
  • sky,
  • twilight blue,
  • violet,
  • winter white,
  • blue waves,
  • Carrara marble,
  • dark night,
  • day and night,
  • graphite,
  • lime,
  • rise,
  • black Marquina,
  • ocean,
  • pearl, and
  • Terrazzo.

Choose your favorite one and live with your signature style!

6- Functional Design

The bottle’s exterior consists of powder coat finishing giving it a classic look. It makes you stand out with an ultra-durable and elegant bottle. It has a laser engraved logo that won’t rub of or fade with cleaning or mishandling keeping its beautiful vibrant look intact. The powder-coated exterior also protects the bottle from scratches.

7- Ease of transporting/carrying

One of the most lovable features of the Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle is the ease to transport or carrying. These bottles have integrated handles on the lids giving you an easy grip. The carabiner allows you to clip the handle lid onto your backpack or some other gear.

If you’re traveling to a place with available clean water, you can easily refill it and use it for hours.

8- Perfectly Insulated

Whether you’re hitting the hiking trail or planning for your next mountain adventure, it won’t freeze the water at cold temperatures. The same goes with hot fluids; they can keep the temperature stable.

9- Available Accessories

You can also purchase accessories for Iron Flask Bottle separately on Amazon, including:

IRON FLASK Protective Silicone Boot

Paracord Handle

Water Bottle Cleaning Scrubbing Brush

Extra Straws, Lids, and Straw Cleaning Brushes

Each of these accessories are available in various colors, and you can choose the one that suits best with the color of your water bottle. The choice of color for the Iron Flask paracord may affect its price.

Pro’s and Cons of Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle


Best to keep you hydrated

With a Premium Stainless-steel body and double-wall vacuum technology, it can be your best friend for any journey keeping you hydrated.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Iron Flask guarantees 100% satisfaction on Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle. If you’re not fully satisfied for any reason (including insulation flaws, rattling noise), you can claim for a return or exchange.

Iron Flask believes that a good water bottle should last a lifetime, and that’s why it offers a lifetime warranty to ensure customer satisfaction and confidence in the durability of products. Be mindful that warranty claims are approved only for the products purchased from authorized sellers.

A lifetime warranty protects your purchase before it even gets to you. It covers any damage during transit.

Environment Friendly

Single-use plastic bottles pollute the environment, and only 8% of them are recycled for making an equally valuable product. The rest gets incinerated into landfills or ends up polluting the environment.

Therefore investing in an Iron Flask water bottle can be the best way to say no to plastics. Iron Flask Sports Water Bottles are made to be reused again and again, having zero contribution in polluting the environment.  

Affordable pricing

Depending solely on single-use plastic bottles for hydration is quite expensive. Buying a long-lasting Iron Flask saves you lots of money.

While it might not be noticeable on a day-to-day basis, however, Iron Flask water bottle can save your money in the long run.

More than 75000 ratings on Amazon

Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle has a 5-star rating on Amazon with more than 75,000 (75,565 precisely) reviews.



Although there are no notable drawbacks of the Iron Flask Bottle, carrying a 64 Oz bottle might be difficult due to its weight and big size. Carrying it in hand can be tricky if you’ve to carry some other things as well.


It might leak a bit if you’ve it in a backpack rolling around. Several reviews complained about the leaks in the lid. It worked for them for a little time and then just ended up in the cabinet collecting dust.

Some of them even claimed it to be not useful for keeping drinks cold. The water might taste metallic, as some people experienced it while using Iron Flask Water Sports Bottle.

Complicated maintenance

Some of you might find an Iron Flask Sports Water bottle difficult to maintain because you can’t wash it in a dishwasher as it can damage its exterior coating. You’ll have to wash it by hand.

Carrying handles need to be purchased separately

Carrying an Iron Flask Water bottle in your hand for a long time can get uncomfortable as the company doesn’t offer built-in handles. You’ll have to purchase a suitable paracord handle from Amazon separately.


No exchange is offered for wear and tear, improper use, cleaning practices, or modification that doesn’t fall under manufacturing defects.

If you find your Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle damaged as you receive it, you’ll have to ship the warranty product back to the seller at your own expense. 


How Long Does an Iron Flask Stay cold?

Having an insulated water bottle, you can always expect your drinks to be steaming hot or icy cold for hours. Stating it precisely, it all depends on the type and size of the bottle. Generally, Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle keeps the drinks cold for up to 24 hours.

The 14 Oz-sized Iron Flask water bottle stays cold for up to 16 hours, while the 18-64 Oz bottle stays cold for 24 hours.

Is Iron Flask Bottle Leakproof?

Iron Flask sports water bottle comes with durable lids that fit tightly on the bottle top and are completely leakproof. You can use a spout lid with stainless steel screw on the top to avoid any leakage. So, no more worrying about the dripping or spilling onto your phone, bag, or gear. Leaking comes under the manufacturing defect, and if your Iron flask bottle leaks, you can apply for an exchange or return.

Is It Safe to Drink from An Iron Flask?

It is safe to drink from Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle as it is made of premium stainless steel, which is non-toxic and transfers no flavor. It is safe for both cold and hot water. Being completely insulated, Iron Flask is free of any harmful chemicals that might leach into water or other drinks. The Iron Flask Sports product line keeps you safe and healthy!

How to Clean an Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle?

Iron flask sports Water Bottle can be easily cleaned by warm soapy water both from inside and out. The beautiful powder coat on your Iron Flask doesn’t go well with the dishwasher, as heat can damage the exterior.

Daily Cleaning

With its durable bristles and a powerful scrubbing action, the Iron Flask cleaning brush can be bought on Amazon and is a perfect choice for cleaning Iron Flask Water Bottle. The long handle allows you to reach and scrub the bottom and sides of the bottle, making it super clean.

Deep Cleaning

For deep cleaning, take some cleaning powder and add it into half or one-fourth cup of vinegar. Pour this mixture inside the bottle and swirl it gently and then allow it to sit for 5-10 minutes. This will help to remove any spots inside the bottle.

For stubborn stains, use three teaspoons of baking soda mixed into a little amount of water. Then rub the surface using a soft brush or the cleaning brush designed for Iron Flask water bottles.

The lids of iron Flask are dishwasher safe, or you can conveniently clean them with gentle, appropriately sized brushes. Straws can be cleaned simply using dish soap, straw brushes, and warm water.

How Do I Change the Lid on Iron Flask?

You can easily change the lid of your iron Flask bottle. Turn the lid anticlockwise (left), and it’s unscrewed. For installing your favorite lid specifically designed to fit your bottle, place it on the top of a bottle and turn it clockwise (right).  Ensure that the lid is fully attached by gently turning it to the right until you can feel it start to grab.

What Type of Drinks Can I Put in An Iron Flask?

You can put any beverage, hot or cold, in an Iron Flak bottle as it doesn’t retain any lingering taste from residual fluids.

How Often Should I Wash My Iron Flask?

It would be best if you wash your Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle at least once a day. Cleaning daily keeps it free of bacteria and germs that can accumulate in tight corners and other areas such as lids and straws.

Can I Place My Stainless-Steel Water Bottle in Microwave or Freezer?

You can’t place an Iron Flask water bottle in the microwave or freezer as it can damage your bottle. Double-wall of insulation is enough to maintain the temperature of liquid regardless of the external temperature. Keeping your bottle in the freezer doesn’t affect the coldness of your bottle and can damage your water bottle.

The Bottomline

When you need a sip of energizing coffee, or you feel thirsty, you can enjoy a steaming hot drink that tastes perfect, and an icy cold drink, Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle, serves you the best. With its built-in features, designed to perform longer like no other, and on top of that, its cost-effectiveness makes Iron Flask the best water bottle brand.

There’s absolutely no match when it comes to sustainability, style, eco-friendliness, and convenience. Availability in various sizes makes it an absolute choice for traveling, hiking, and sports. Order yours today, and you’ll never regret it!

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