The 26 Best Water Bottles For Dogs

Our furry friends need hydration just as much as we do. As a rule of thumb, dogs should drink an ounce of water per pound of bodyweight every day. The easiest way to keep track of your pooch’s fluid intake is to get them a water bottle.

Dog water bottles on the move should have a cup, tray, or bowl that your pooch can drink out of, preferably with a squeezable spout. Hike-friendly bottles usually have in-built filters. Opt for mountable, chew-proof, and no-spill bottles for your dog’s crate.

Dog water bottles can be used just about anywhere, from hikes and walks to long flights, camping, and travel. In this article, I’ll take you through a hand-picked list of the 26 best water bottles (ranked from least to most expensive) that you can use for your pup.

Types of dog water bottles

  • Crate bottles

These water bottles are used to keep a dog hydrated in its crate. They usually come with mountable bowls that can be easily attached to the crate’s grill. In addition, these bottles are ideally chew-proof. Crate bottles can also be of the no-spill bowl variant. These will ensure a mess-free water break.

Most crate bottles come with a stainless-steel nozzle with a metal ball affixed at the tip. Water is released when the dog touches the ball with its tongue.

  • Bowl water bottles

Bowl water bottles come with a modifiable lid that can be used as a bowl. If your dog is not used to drinking out of a squeezable lid, bowl water bottles can be an easy replacement. Simply pour water out of the bottle into the bowl and place it on the floor for your dog. These bottles can be used on walks and flights too.

  • Hiking bottles

Hiking bottles come with special filters that remove contaminants and sediments from water. They are lightweight and portable, and easy to carry on the move. These bottles usually come with squeezable spouts to keep them spill-proof.

26 Best Water Bottles for Dogs

Below is a list of high-quality and affordable Water Bottles for dogs available from Amazon. Please check the latest price for the most up-to-date price on Amazon.

1. AnPetBest Dog Water Bottle

AnPetBest comes with a special snapped-on bowl that can be reversed and attached to the bottle. This 11oz water bottle is easy to carry; it has a lanyard that you can string around your wrist or your bag. When your pup is feeling thirsty, snap off the bowl from the holder and attach the bottle upright. Squeeze the bottle to control how much water is filled in the bowl, and let your pooch drink up!

This bottle is not only inexpensive but also easy to carry. Keep in mind that you may have to hold on to the bottle while your dog drinks; the bottle may fall if left upright for too long.

Latest Price: USD 8.99

2. Choco Nose Modern Pet Portable Water Bottle

Not only does Choco Nose do its job well, but it also looks adorable. This bulb-shaped bottle is perfect to feed puppies and small dogs. This no-drop bottle is lightweight and BPA-free. The bottle has a detachable nozzle that can be paired with standard PET bottles. This means that you can turn any bottle in your home into a dog bottle with one quick step. The stainless-steel nozzle is rust-free, easy to use, and perfect for your pet pooch.

Latest Price: USD 9.99

3. H2O4K9 Stainless Steel Water Bottle

This stainless-steel water bottle is handy for pet owners looking for something durable and long-term. Although stainless steel is marginally heavier than plastic, it helps you keep water cool for a longer time. The food-grade seal makes the bottle leak-proof. This bottle can be used for both larger and smaller breeds as it comes in two variants – 9.5oz and 25oz. The screw lid can be used as a dog water bowl.

Latest Price: USD 10.95

4. CocoPet Dripless Pet Drinking Fountain

The CocoPet water feeder bottle is a dripless crate feeder that is made of stainless steel and BPA-free plastic. This dispenser has a stainless steel tip that is rust-proof. The best part about this feeder is how customizable it is – you can adjust the amount of water flowing through the nozzle by fixing metal balls as necessary, and prevent leaks by adjusting the black seal of the spout. With a capacity of 14oz, this feeder is ideal for crated puppies and rabbits too.

Latest Price: USD 10.99

5. Vivaglory Stainless Steel Dog Water Bottle

This stainless-steel water bottle is food-safe and durable. With a capacity of 25oz, it is ideal for bigger dogs. The cap of the bowl can be flipped into a drinking bowl. The trough is perfect for bigger dogs. The extra water from each drinking session can be poured straight back into the bottle, but keep in mind that there is no filter. The design is leak-proof and travel-friendly, with a nylon strap that attaches to belts and bags. Since the bottle is made of stainless steel, your doggo will have access to refreshingly cool water at all times.

Latest Price: USD 10.99

6. FATPET Chew-Proof Water Dispenser

FATPET’s 30oz water dispenser is great for crates and kennels. This dispenser is particularly suitable for big dogs as it has a larger capacity. The 16mm nozzle is ideal for dogs of all sizes. The dispenser is easy to attach, as it has two hooks that sit on the grill of the crate.

Latest Price: USD 11.86

7. VIBRIT Dog Water Bottle

This water bottle can be switched into a drinking bowl with a swift flipping motion. The bottle is sleek to look at, making storage easy. The drinking flask is attached with a nesting feature, saving up space in your backpack. Since the flask is molded in the shape of the bottle, it is adequately long and wide for both small and large dogs. A silica gel seal makes it leak-proof, while a rope makes travel easy. This bottle has a capacity of 14oz.

Latest Price: 12.99

8. Kurgo Gourd Travel Dog Water Bottle

Kurgo offers a two-in-one design for both you and your pet. The bottle comes with a removable bowl at the base. The whole bottle holds 24oz, while the cup holds 8oz at a time. This makes the bottle ideal for small and medium breeds. When you’re thirsty, drink up the usual way. If your pooch needs some hydration to go, detach the bowl from the base and serve her some water.

This bottle is dishwasher-safe, BPA-free, and available in a range of colors.

Latest Price: USD 13.95

9. Roysili Portable Pet Travel Water Bottle

This portable bottle comes with a silicon top which can be flipped to form a shell-shaped bowl. The leakproof silicone cap and reflective strip make it an attractive and convenient choice for pet owners. The bottle has a capacity of 20oz which works best with medium breeds. It also has a metal carabiner to easily attach to bags and belts. The bottle is easy to fill, and excess water can be drained back into the main reservoir. However, keep in mind that there is no extra filter for the returned water. tuff

Latest Price: USD 13.99

10. PoodlePet Water Feeder Bottle

This crate dispenser can be attached to the grill or wall of your pooch’s crate or kennel in two simple steps. To install it, attach the wheel and tighten the spigot to secure it in place. The water feeder can be attached to any standard-sized bottle. This feeder comes with a spigot that the pet must tap to get water out. This makes sure that there is no spill – the water drops only when the pet taps the tip with their tongue.

Latest Price: USD 13.99

11. Ordermore Crate Dog Bowl

Ordermore’s crate bowl is great for pups and small dogs. This bowl screws onto the grill of a crate and can be used for water, dry food, or wet food. It has both a plastic bottle and a stainless-steel bowl which can be alternated. Before you start using nozzle dispensers, you may want to use a bowl dispenser to keep your puppy comfortable.

Latest Price: USD 14.99

12. MalsiPree Dog Water Bottle

The MalsiPree leak-proof bottle comes in two sizes – 12oz and 19oz. This makes it a great choice for both small and medium-sized dogs. The bottle is made from silicone and BPA-free plastic. The bottle features a sunken sink design, with a single quick-release button that can be operated with one hand. An added slide lock feature prevents leaks and spills. A silica gel seal makes sure the water is water-proof during bumpy rides and hikes.

Latest Price: USD 14.99

13. Highwave AutoDogMug

The Highwave mug comes in a 20oz container which can easily fit into any car cup holder. The mug has a standard silicone cup design that flips and folds over into a cup that your doggy can drink out of. The design is simple, durable, and leakproof (with a silicone ring to prevent spills). It comes with a holding loop that can be hung from bicycles, belts, and bags.

To use this bottle, squeeze it until the water reaches the bowl, and let your pup have their fill. Once they’re done, you can release the water back into the bottle so that nothing goes to waste.

Latest Price: USD 14.99

14. Yicostar Dog Water Bottle

The Yicostar bottle holds 20oz of water at a time, making it an ideal choice for small or medium-sized dogs. This bottle is made of BPA-free PET plastic and silicone accents. While the bottle comes with a reversible leaf-shaped cup for your dog to drink out of, you can also get a travel dog bowl that collapses into a small, hangable add-on. A carabiner and waste bag dispenser (with 15 complimentary waste bags) are included with every purchase.

Latest Price: USD 14.99

15. Lesotc Dog Travel Water Botte

This bottle comes with a foldable silicone lid. The lid can be folded and flipped back to form a cup that your pooch can drink out of. Water is directly released to the cup when you squeeze the bottle, which means you have more control over how much water to add to the cup. The bottle also comes with a waterproof lock and a capacity tick mark, so you can keep track of how much water is left. Additionally, it has a strap that can be attached to bags and strollers. It is made of BPA-free plastic and silicone. There are two variants – 18oz and 21oz.

Latest Price: USD 15.97

16. Upsky No-Spill Dog Water Bowl

Upsky’s crate bowl doubles as an anti-spill water bottle too. The bowl can accommodate a large dog’s daily water intake, with a capacity of 32oz. The water bowl is placed under a floating cover and a fixed border, which makes sure that there is no spillage while your doggo gets her daily dose of water. Meanwhile, the square design ensures that the bowl does not tip even if the dog gets rough with it. The waterproof edge strip and the floating disk also keep the water from overflowing.

This slow water feeder is a smart option for pet owners who want to regulate the water intake of their pooches.

If your pup drinks water too fast, you can slow it down with this bowl – the floating disk ensures that your pet is slow with water. Meanwhile, it also keeps your pet’s hair dry, because it prevents water from splashing all around your pup’s mouth.

Latest Price: 15.99

17. OllyDog Flame OllyBottle Water Bottle

This water bottle has a capacity of 1 liter. Made from vegan, BPA-free plastic, this bottle has a separate bowl or tray attachment that can be unhinged to act as a bowl.

This means that both you and your dog can use the same water bottle, saving space while traveling. Just unhinge and detach the water bowl for your dog whenever she feels thirsty. Since the tray comes off separately, you don’t have to worry about any cross-contamination between you and your dog.

The bottle is dishwasher safe and comes with a silicone ring for easy twisting.

Latest Price: USD 16.95

18. NUOLIDE Dog Water Bottle

The NUOLIDE bottle comes in two variants, 12oz, and 19oz. This multi-functional bottle can be used to store treats as well. This bottle comes with a water compartment that is connected to an O-shaped drinking trough. You can release water into the trough with a quick-release button.

The USP of this bottle is that it comes with a separate compartment to store treats. This means that you can reward your pooch after her water break with some delicious kibbles. Additionally, the bottle also comes with a waste bag storage section and a waste shovel, making clean-up a breeze. A lanyard makes it easy to attach to a bag or belt. This is a convenient option for pet owners looking for an all-in-one gadget on the go.

Latest Price: USD 16.99

19. Gulpy Water Dispenser

The adorably named Gulpy water dispenser is an add-on that can be attached to just about any water bottle, not just specially shaped bottles for dogs. This dispenser has a capacity of 20oz. The flip design lets you attach it to any standard-sized water bottle as a nesting water tray. When your doggo appears thirsty, just flip the tray open, pour some water into the tray, and let your pooch slurp away. Once they’re done, fold the tray back into the nesting position and you’ll be good to go. The Gulpy dispenser fits into the bottle and cup holder compartment of cars. Gulpy also has a belt clip for hikes and walks.

Latest Price: USD 17.04

20. Lixit Top Fill Water Bottle

Lixit is a great option for large doggos in cages and kennels. With a capacity of 44oz, this is optimal for people who want to transport their pets over long distances in a kennel. This feeder can be attached either inside or outside the crate. The bottle comes with two clamps that give it more leeway in height adjustment.

This no-drip bottle has a single ball inside the valve tip for dispensing water. You can fill water through the flip-top lid.

Latest Price: USD 18.81

21. Water Rover Bowl And Bottle

The Water Rover bowl and bottle is as straightforward as it sounds – it comes with a standard bottle with a clipped bowl on top. While the design is a bit bulkier than its silicone counterparts, it can be carried hands-free (it can be clipped to a belt or waistband). When your pup is thirsty, unplug the bottle and lay it flat with the bowl facing up. The bowl automatically fills with water. Once your doggy is done, tip the bottle back to let the excess water drain into the bottle. 

Latest Price: USD 19.99

22. Upsky Travel Dog Water Bottle

The Upsky dispenser carries 14oz of water, making it a great choice for small dogs. This bottle can easily fit into handbags, gym bags, and hiking bags too. The bottle comes with an attached sink that holds water from a simple release button. The leak-proof design also allows excess water to flow back into the main reservoir. Since you only need one hand to operate it, it is great for use on the go. however, keep in mind that this bottle does not have a water filter.

Latest Price: USD 19.99

23. Petkit Portable Dog Water Dispenser

The Petkit dispenser is ideal for smaller dogs as it comes in two small variants – 10oz and 13oz. You need only one hand to operate it, which makes it convenient to use. This dispenser has a curved sink design cut along with the cap. Press a button to release water from the bottle into the sink. Once your pooch is done drinking, release the button to let the leftover water flow back into the bottle. Since this helps you save water, this is a great option for pet owners who are on hikes and camping trips where water may be scarce.

Don’t worry about dirty water seeping back into the bottle – the activated carbon filter on the lid keeps bad odor and chlorine at bay.

Latest Price: 19.99

24. Lixit Waterboy Travel Water Bowl

Lixit has a special design that comes with a dedicated water bowl. With a capacity of 3 quarts, it is ideal for dogs of all sizes. The bowl is attached horizontally to a rectangular bottle. The bottle stabilizes the bowl, preventing spills and splashes.

However, this bottle may be a tad bulky for people looking to move with minimal luggage. While it fits in a backpack, it cannot be placed in cup holders or bottle compartments.

Latest Price: USD 19.99

25. M&M Dog Water Bottle

The M&M Dog Water Bottle is not only portable and convenient but also spill-proof. It comes with an elongated sink attachment that you can pour water into with the press of a button. The bottle has a special lock to prevent leakage. It has a capacity of 10oz, which means that it is best used with smaller breeds.

Latest Price: USD 22.99 (combo offer with a chew toy)

26. Tuff Pupper PupFlask Portable Dog Water Bottle

The Tuff Pupper bottle is a great travel bottle for larger dogs, as it comes in 27oz and 40oz variants. The bottle is made from stainless steel with a food-grade silicone cup. The reversible, flip-cup sits on top of the bottle when not in use, giving it a sleek accent color. The leak-proof seal makes it convenient for hydration on the go. Excess water can be released back into the bottle through the quick-release button. A filter removes sediments and dirt from water when you release it back into the bottle. 

Latest Price: USD 31.96

What should I consider while buying a dog water bottle?

The key factors to consider while getting a dog water bottle are:

Portability: Where are you doing to take the bottle? If you go on frequent hikes and camps, you might want a bottle with a lanyard or a hook. If you go on drives, you might require a bottle that easily fits into cup holders.

If you’re looking to pack light, you might opt for a bottle with a foldable flip cup.

Capacity: According to PetMD, dogs should drink an ounce of water per pound of body weight. So, bigger dogs require bigger bottles.

Also, keep in mind the duration of your trip. If you go on camping trips often, you might not have access to freshwater all the time. In this case, you might want to pick a bottle where excess water can be redirected to the reservoir.

Keep in mind that dogs that are predominantly on a wet diet may need less water than dogs that are on a dry diet.

Ease of drinking: Some dogs prefer drinking out of bowls, while some prefer nozzles. Even when it comes to bowls, there are different shapes, sizes, and depths to choose from.

Material: Always opt for food-safe material, be it plastic, silicone, or stainless steel. Note that stainless-steel bottles keep water cooler for a longer time than plastic bottles.

Should dogs use a water bottle?

Yes! Dogs need water as much as humans do. If you’re thirsty when you’re outdoors with your furry friend, chances are, they may be too. Dog water bottles are useful not just on hikes and walks, but during travel too.

Road trips, plane rides, and camping trips – bottles can be used anywhere!

Can dogs drink out of a water bottle?

Dogs can easily drink out of specially designed bottles. Some models open up into troughs, trays, and bowls. These create a bowl-like sink that a dog can easily slurp water off. The size of the trough depends on the size of the dog. These troughs can be collapsible, detachable, foldable, flippable, or added as a nesting cover.

Another type of water bottle is the crate bottle while uses a stainless-steel nozzle with a metal ball inside.

Can I use normal water bottles for my dog?

Technically, dogs can drink out of any water bottle. Water bottles designed for humans do not have a spout that is large enough for a dog. The only way to feed a dog through it is to pour it out and have the dog drink from the stream. This method is not recommended, as it wastes a lot of water and your dog may not be hydrated enough by the end of it.

Besides, it may not be sanitary to drink out of the same bottle that your dog has come into contact with. This is where two-in-one bottles are a great option – you can drink straight out of the bottle while your furry pal drinks from a bowl near you!

Do dogs like water bottles?

Dog bottle owners swear by how much their fur babies love water bottles. Your thirsty pooch will be happy to drink out of specially designed water bottles with cups, trays, or bowls. In case your dog does not take easily to the bottle, train him to drink out of the bottle at home before you take it outside.

A simple way to get your pooch used to the bottle is by filling it with chicken-stock flavored water or cold water. Fill the water bottle three-quarters of the way and place it in the freezer for a few hours before you leave. When it’s time to go, fill the rest of the bottle with fresh water. This will keep the water cool for a longer time; your pup will love the refreshing water breaks.

Should I bring water for my dog on a walk?

Dogs feel just as thirsty as humans do. It is advisable to take a water bottle for your dog on the go as you have a clean source of water wherever you go. Alternatively, you can opt for two-in-one water bottles that both you and your pooch can drink out of.

How can I clean a dog water bottle?

If your bottle is dishwasher-safe, you can put it straight with the other dishes. In case it is not, wash it with dish soap and warm water. Make sure to reach every crevice of the bottle to remove bacteria and dirt. If the bottle has a filter, replace it regularly.

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