Why Your PUR Water Filter Light Is Not Working

The PUR water filter light is a helpful indicator of when it’s time to change or replace the filter. Every type of system has its unique setup, yet they all function similarly. But what if your PUR water filter light suddenly stops working? 

PUR water filter lights can stop working because the non-replaceable battery has run out, after 1-3 years. The filter light may not work correctly or keeps blinking if the filter cartridge isn’t installed properly, there is dirt in the filter housing, or the reset button is stuck in.

We’ll discuss possible ways to fix this problem and answer some of the frequently asked questions about PUR water filter lights below.

We’ll also explain what it means if your filter light turns green, yellow, or red and why it’s crucial to have a functioning water filter.

What Kinds Of PUR Systems Have A Filter Light?

The PUR water filter light is a feature in many of the newest filter models.

You may visit their Amazon online store and browse through various systems until you find what is suitable for you.

Faucet System



What Is A PUR Water Filter Light?

The PUR water filter light is a system that indicates the filtration process of your PUR filter. This tool indicates when you need to change your cartridge.

In addition, this notifies users about any potential issues with their system to get ahead of them before it becomes detrimental to the user’s health.

Why Does My PUR Water Filter Light Not Work?

There are many reasons why the PUR water filter light would not be working. Here are some possibilities:

  • The non-replaceable batteries have run out.
  • Red blinking/flashing light means the filter needs replacing.
  • A red blinking/flashing light after a new filter has been installed may mean there is dirt in the filter housing.
  • Reset button is stuck in.

How Does The Filter Change Light Work?

By measuring the amount of time the filter has been in your pitcher, the Filter Change Light lets you know when it’s time to change your filter.

Each time you replace your filter, be sure to reset your filter change light.  It changes color based on the length of time the filter has operated or the amount of water it has filtered. The filter will reach its end of life after 40+ gallons or 60+ days. 

A non-replaceable battery powers the filter change light, and although it may eventually stop working, the filter will remain functional.

Green Light

If the indicator is green, your water filter is working correctly. The water that passes through your filter is safe to drink, so you need not worry. 

The light should also turn green after replacing the old filter. Sometimes, you might see the green light blinking, but that’s not an issue. According to the manufacturer, your filter’s green light should flash six times when you turn it on.

However, the green light will also blink at other times besides during the initial stages of use. 

The green light will turn on when the filter is working well, and it will automatically shut off to conserve energy.

Yellow Light

If your filter light turns yellow or is blinking, it could mean one of the following:

  • The filter is not correctly placed, and therefore there may not be enough suction for it to work correctly. To fix this, tighten the screws around the edge, then make sure that the filter is sitting firmly on the base.
  • You need to get ready to replace the filter.

Red Light

The PUR water filter light will turn red when the system detects that it is time to change out a cartridge. Once these items get changed, and the system is ready for use, the PUR water filter light should turn green. 

If you notice that the red PUR water filter light is still on after you’ve replaced the cartridge, this means that either the system has not been appropriately activated or it needs a reset.

How To Reset The PUR Water Filter Light

For Faucet Systems

Turn off your faucet. Remove the PUR Filter by unscrewing the cover from the your PUR unit. Put a new filter back in – it’s normal for the filter to fit loosely – and screw the cover back on.

To reset, hold the reset button in for 3 seconds until all 3 lights flash, then release.

Make sure when you are holding the reset button in it doesn’t become stuck. If it does, gently pull up on the button and it should spring back into place.

Turn the water back on to your faucet. Turn the filter lever on and check the filter light is flashing green when in use. If you still have a red PUR Filter Light after installing a new filter, contact PUR for assistance.

For Pitchers And Dispensers

After replacing a new filter, press and hold the reset button at the top of the pitcher or the dispenser’s front for 5 seconds. The light will then flash green.

What To Do When The Light Doesn’t Reset?

For all PUR units, the light may refuse to reset in some cases due to dirt clogging the filter screen. As a result, the system assumes that your filter is unable to function.

To remove any stuck debris, you should first rinse the entire filter housing. Once it has dried, assemble the whole system, then hold the reset button for three seconds (for PUR faucets) or five seconds (for PUR pitchers or dispensers). The light should turn green. 

What Do I Do If The Light On My Pitcher Is Out?

The light on your pitcher should come on each time you use it with a green, yellow, or red color to indicate the appropriate stage in the filters lifespan.

To manually check if it’s working, simply hold the reset button for 3-5 seconds (faucet = 3; pitcher/dispenser = 5), and then release.

If nothing happens, then the non-replaceable batteries have likely run out.

What If The Green Light On My Pitcher Isn’t flashing After I Pour?

Hold the reset button for 3-5 seconds and release it when the green light begins to flash.

How Long Do PUR Filter Batteries Last?

PUR are somewhat vague on how long their batteries last in the faucet mount systems, and filter pitchers and dispensers. They state “after years of use” the battery will eventually run out.

However, in many reviews and testimonials, people say the PUR filter light batteries last around 1-3 years.

The Importance Of Having A Functional PUR Water Filter Light

It’s convenient to have the PUR water filter light working on your system because it helps you determine whether your filter needs replacement.

A working PUR water filter provides clean, clear, and refreshing drinking water, making it perfect for those who are sensitive to certain mineral content or those who want a great-tasting, healthy glass of water.

What Are The Benefits Of Having PUR Water Filters?

  • Improved taste and smell. PUR water filters are very effective at removing funny tastes and odors from the water.
  • Healthier water. Several studies have shown that heavy metals like lead, copper, and mercury increase cancer risk. PUR water filters get rid of those chemicals by adsorption.
  • Cost-effective. Using PUR water filters will save you money compared to constantly buying bottled water.
  • Environmental protection. A rise in environmental pollution is associated with the use of bottled water. Every minute, one million water bottles are sold worldwide. Less than half of them are recycled, while the rest end up in water bodies like lakes and oceans. With a water filter, you can avoid having to buy single-use bottled water.

How Long Does A New PUR Filter Last?

You’ll need to change a new PUR filter after two months when it will have filtered about 40 gallons. You will see a yellow light on your system when the filter is almost at its maximum level, indicating it’s time to replace it. Once the yellow light is on, it means you only have around one or two gallons remaining. 

If the filter is not new, then it may be time to replace the filter.

Replacement Filters

Changing your filter is easy and inexpensive – Here are the PUR replacement filters you can now buy on Amazon.

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