About Us – Our Story

Several years ago we were travelling the world and running our own online business. But we wanted more. We didn’t just want to look at amazing mountains, waterfalls, volcanoes and oceans we wanted to understand them and how they formed.

So, with this in mind we headed for college! Russell completed a Bachelor degree in Environmental and Marine Geoscience and I (Theresa) completed a Bachelor degree in Earth Science.

We took a break from study and worked with the environmental arm of our state Government for a while, and while we enjoyed the work, we realized we enjoyed scientific research much more!  We left our jobs, received University scholarships and begin our PhD’s in Earth Science.

This was so exciting for us as we love to research the earth and we got to choose our own research areas. While we were beginning our research, we came to realize how many people have questions about the Earth and one of its main features – water. More importantly we realized these questions were going unanswered.

Water Purification Guide is just one website of many we will develop to help answer questions about the Earth, its processes and how we can affect them. Water Purification Guide focuses on information about water, water purification, filtration and sterilization, tap water safety, drinking water sources and catchments… the list goes on!

We are specialized in slightly different areas, so we are able to provide answers for a large range of questions. While we are both experienced in Hydrology, Geochemistry, Climate Science and Soil Science, Russell has in-depth knowledge of Coastal, Catchment and Continental Geomorphology, and I (Theresa) have in-depth knowledge of Geology, and Sedimentology in particular.