Brands Of Bottled Mineral Water

Drinking mineral water is great for health, but not all bottled mineral water is alike. In this post, I’ll take you through what mineral water is and list 13 great brands, so you can take an informed decision on which mineral water suits your taste best.

What is mineral water?

Mineral water is water that is collected from mineral springs or underground aquifers. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), mineral water must have a TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) value no less than 250 mg/L. No minerals or electrolytes can be added post collection. Before collection, it can either naturally flow to the surface, or be extracted from below the ground.

All mineral water must originate from a physically and geologically protected underground source. When rainwater passes through porous rock under the ground, it collects minerals and trace elements. These minerals give the water its distinctive, rich taste.

What minerals does mineral water contain?

Mineral water is rich in salts and elements. Here’s a quick look at the micro- and macro-nutrients that it contains, and their benefits. Note that all mineral water does not contain the exact same minerals – this depends on the place where it is extracted from.

  • Calcium – for bone development, muscle growth, nerve strengthening
  • Phosphorus – for protein synthesis and energy regulation
  • Magnesium – for bone formation, muscular strength, lipid metabolism, and protein synthesis
  • Chlorine – for enhanced digestion
  • Sodium – to replenish electrolytes after intense physical activity
  • Sulfur – to produce amino acids and aid in the growth of hair and nails
  • Chromium – to regular carbohydrate and protein metabolism
  • Iron – to nourish blood and muscles
  • Manganese – for bone growth and development
  • Copper – for enzyme functioning in muscles and blood

13 Brands of Mineral Water

If you already like drinking mineral water, here are some great brands you can try out and are available on Amazon.

1. Perrier Mineral Water

Perrier Carbonated Mineral Water is sourced from the Massif Central mountains in France. The enriched rainwater is naturally carbonated at the source. However, the company extracts the water and carbon dioxide at the source separately. Then, the water is purified and the carbon dioxide is added back into the bottles. This preserves the mineral content and carbonation of the water while making it safer to drink.

Perrier carbonated mineral water has a TDS of 475 mg/L and a pH of 5.5

Price: USD 0.04/Fl Oz

2. Borjomi Sparkling Mineral Water

Borjomi mineral water comes from deep underground (8-10 km) and eventually reaches the surface as a thermal artesian spring in the Borjomi Gorge in central Georgia. As the warm water travels through layers of volcanic rock of the Caucasus Mountains it picks up minerals along the way, making it a potent mineral rich water with a TDS value of 1100 mg/L.

Borjomi is famous for its 1500 year old water and patented bluish-green colored bottles called “Georgian Green”. The Sparkling mineral water is naturally alkaline and naturally carbonated that gives it a distinct and crisp taste.

Price: USD 25.3 Fl/oz

3. Gerolsteiner Mineral Water

Gerolsteiner offers two kinds of mineral water, both still and sparkling. The still water has a TDS value greater than 2000 mg/L, making it a high mineral content water. It is rich in magnesium, which gives it a distinctly smooth taste. Collected from the groundwaters of a volcano in Germany, this water is soft-tasting.

The sparkling water is naturally enriched with carbonic acid. It also has one of the highest levels of calcium and magnesium in the brands on our list. Drinking one bottle of this water takes care of 1/3rd your daily calcium intake.

Price: USD 0.16/Fl Oz

4. Ferrarelle Naturally Sparkling Mineral Water

This Italian water company finds its water from the high peaks of southern Italy. Bottled near the Roccamonfina volcano, this water arises from the only cold geyser in Europe. This naturally sparkling water is rich in small, merry bubbles and minerals like potassium, silica, and calcium. Ferrarelle has a TDS value of 1315 mg/L.

Drinking 2 liters of Ferrarelle gives you 100% of your daily recommended calcium and potassium intake. Infused with natural bicarbonate, this water promotes digestion and makes mealtime feel luxurious.

Price: USD 0.22/Fl oz

5. Hildon Natural Mineral Water

Sourced from a private estate in the Hampshire countryside, Hildon’s natural mineral water is untouched; it is not purified or filtered artificially. It passes through porous rock where it is filtered naturally before it is bottled in signature Bordeaux bottles.

This pH-neutral water pairs wonderfully with meals and wines. This water is smooth, crisp, and perfectly balanced. It has a TDS of 375 mg/L

Price: USD 0.33 Fl/oz

6. San Pellegrino Sparkling Carbonated Natural Mineral Water

San Pellegrino is one of the most popular waters in the United States and is known for its characteristic crisp taste. Extracted from the Italian Alps near Lombardy, this water is rich in magnesium and calcium. The packaging is premium, bottled in its distinctive green glass bottles.

The water is artificially carbonated but does not lack in bubbles and fizz. It has a TDS value of 1110 mg/L, which is a high mineral content mineral water.

Price: USD 0.21/Oz

7. Badoit

Badoit waster is bottled in France, at the springs of Saint Galmier. It is naturally sparkling and rich in carbonation from porous rocks. This water is rich in magnesium, with a TDS value of 1200 mg/L. This means it is a medium mineral content water, with a pH of 6.

Badoit water is famous for its refreshing bubbles and fizz. Keep in mind that this is one of the most expensive brands on our list.

Price: USD 20.99/Fl Oz 

8. Arrowhead Sparkling Mountain Water

Arrowhead sources its water from springs in the mountains of California, Colorado, and Western Canada. Although the water is naturally carbonated, Arrowhead enriches it with artificial carbon dioxide. This creates strong bubbles that satisfyingly pop in the mouth.

Note that only Arrowhead Mountain water is natural mineral water with a TDS of 250 mg/L. Other labels under the brand have purified water that has been artificially enriched with minerals.

Price: USD 0.09/Fl Oz

9. Topo Chico Mineral Water

This Mexican water has the accolade of being the unofficial king of bottled water in Texas. With the moniker of the ‘best sparkling water’ in the state, Topo Chico has earned this spot because of its history and flavors. The water has a TDS of 630 mg/L, making it a medium mineral content water.

Bottled in Monterrey in Mexico, this water is naturally carbonated from the source. However, Topo Chico adds extra carbonation for some added pizzazz. The result is smooth, light water that has small bubbles.

Price: USD 0.19/Fl Oz

10. Vichy Catalan

Vichy Catalan water, the latest Spanish addition to the mix, is bottled from the thermal springs of Caldes de Malavella. This water scores high on the TDS value (2600 mg/L), making it a high mineral content water.

It is naturally carbonated, meaning no extra carbon dioxide is added. The water is bottled in the spring and untouched until you pop it open. The water has a characteristic bitter taste from the natural carbonation.

Price: USD 0.21/Fl Oz

11. Contrex Mineral Water

Contrex is another French brand that has high magnesium and calcium levels. In fact, you can fulfill 100% of your daily calcium needs if you drink 2 liters of Contrex.

This water is low in sodium, making it ideal for cocktails and low-sodium diets. However, it is not too crisp and it has a high TDS of 2078 mg/L, which may taste ‘thick’ since it is so rich in minerals.

Price: USD 1.99/L

12. Indigo H2O

Indigo Premium Bottled Alkaline Mineral Water is rich in potassium and calcium. The pH of Indigo H2O’s water is 8.8, making it a great choice if you prefer alkaline water. Alkaline water is said to boost electrolytes, balance pH, and provide essential minerals.

Alkaline water is also said to help hydrate the body better than neutral water. It is bottled in premium glass, making it a great aesthetic pick for your dinner table. IndioH20 Mineral Water has a TDS of 250 mg/L.

Price: USD 36.99/6 bottles

13. Saint Geron Mineral Water

This vintage mineral water has a TDS value of 1158 mg/L, making it rich in minerals. Collected from a spring in Village de Saint-Geron in France, this water emerges from a 1000-year spring.

Although this water is very hard, it tastes supple and bubbly. It is naturally sparkling and light. It also has traces of lithium, which improves immune function.

Price: EUR 1.90/750 ml

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