Brands Of Deionized Bottled Water

Deionized (DI) water, also known as demineralized water, has tons of uses. But you may be unsure which brands produce bottled deionized water or where to buy it. 

This article provides the top 12 brands selling deionized water in the USA. We’ll also explain what deionized water actually means, what it’s used for, and whether it’s similar to distilled water. 

What Is Deionized (DI) Water?

Deionized/demineralized water is purified water with almost all minerals removed. This is achieved through filtration using resin beads that remove essential minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

What Is Deionized Water Used For?

Deionized water has tons of uses. They include cleaning, industrial, and household appliances. 

Below are some common uses for DI water:

  • In a humidifier – Deionized water has no mineral build-up. This helps with functionality, prevents allergy issues and skin dryness. 
  • Aquariums – It’s best for the fish tank since no mineral/bacteria build-up. 
  • Cosmetics – Deionized water is used in cosmetic products such as shampoo. 
  • Cleaning detergents
  • Laboratory experiments
  • Car components and cleaning – no mineral build-ups and it protects your car’s engine.  
  • Cleansing diets or fasting (consult your doctor or healthcare professional before undertaking these activities).


You can lower costs by choosing deionized water brands with reusable bottles. E.g., FreshPure Waters. Although it is a less popular brand, it has a significant focus on minimizing plastic pollution.  

Best Brands Of Deionized Water

Here is an overview of our top 12 brands of deionized bottled water – all are available on Amazon.

1. Indco Deionized Water

Indco Deionized Water is a brand of DI bottled water manufactured by Aqua Science. Aqua Science is a water testing company in Columbus, Ohio.

The company prides itself in prime DI water that ensures no residue left in the environment or instruments. Actually, it is laboratory-certified to guarantee quality. 

You can use this brand for pH meter calibrations, car washing, steam cleaning, and aquariums. It’s also a trusted demineralized solution in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

It’s not for human consumption. 

2. MAXTITE Type II Deionized Water

MAXTITE type II bottled deionized water is a product of Max-Tite, a U.S.-based company headquartered in Decatur, Alabama.  

Their water goes through a three-stage purification process. First, it’s passed through reverse osmosis, then UV sterilization, and lastly, quad-cartridge filtration (a four cartridge filtration system meant to maximize filter surface rea for better purification). 

The process results in ultrapure water with a 1-15 MΩ/cm resistivity. This makes it best for electronics manufacturing, hydroponics, clinical and laboratory processes, and spot-free cleaning (e.g., glassware rinsing). 

It’s not safe for human consumption. 

3. Alliance Chemicals Deionized Water

Alliance Chemical DI H2O is bottled and distributed by Alliance Chemical, an international chemical distributor located in Taylor, Texas. 

The water is environmentally safe. It’s suitable for outdoor or indoor usage and leaves no toxins that can affect the environment. 

It’s excellent for lab equipment sterilization, car battery cooling, cleaning, and washing. Also, Alliance Chemical DI water is thoroughly purified, making it safe for human consumption

If you are looking for a lab-grade softener, Alliance Chemical DI water can be a great choice. 

4. Online Science Mall Deionized Water

Online Science Mall bottled DI water is made only for lab use. It’s not suitable for drug, food, and cosmetics use. 

The water has a resistivity of 12 Megohm/cm. This is above the recommended 10 Megohm/cm standards stipulated by the National Committee for Clinical Laboratory Standards (NCCLS). 

Each of their bottles comes with a Safety Data Sheet.

5. DIY Chemicals Deionized Water

DIY Chemicals DI water is proudly manufactured, bottled, and labeled in Boston, USA. It upholds laboratory level quality and purity, sustains environmental protection, and ensures consumer safety. 

DIY Chemicals demineralized water is commonly used in the USA. They provide 100% pure DI water ideal for household appliances, humidifiers, equipment sterilization, lab tests, and pharmaceuticals.

There is also a bulk premium-grade alternative for industrial purposes. 

However, it’s not intended for human consumption. 

Buying this product helps grow the American economy. It also supports DIY Chemicals’ goal of creating more American jobs.  

6. CQ Concepts Inc. Deionized Water

CQ Concepts Inc. DI bottled H2O comes in two sizes; 1 gallon and 32 Ounce bottle. The packaging meets all set standards and has a tamper-evident seal to enhance safety. 

Their bottled deionized water is specifically purified for cleaning sensitive items. They label it as a technical-grade demineralized water best for computer cooling systems. 

If you are looking for a brand you can trust, CQ Concepts can be an excellent choice. Located in Ringwood, Illinois, CQ Concepts is a famous brand. They take pride in over 25 years of industrial chemicals manufacture and supply.   

7. LabChem Deionized Water

LabChem deionized bottled water is manufactured and bottled in Zelienople, Pennsylvania

LabChem Inc.’s manufacturing process adheres to the American Chemical Society specifications. Hence all their products are of high quality and safe for consumers. 

Due to the high level of quality enhancement, LabChem DI H2O is ideal for lab tests and equipment cleaning and sterilization.  

8. PrimoChill Base Deionized Water

PrimoChill Base bottled deionized water gives an excellent solution for the development of a coolant. It’s also the best choice for affordable high-purity DI H2O. 

If you are looking to build your coolant, we would recommend choosing a PrimoChill Base demineralized solution. It has an excellent purity level that makes it an ideal base for a coolant.  

The water has a shelf life of 2 years in unopened original packaging. It’s bottled and supplied by PrimoChill, which is headquartered in Boise, Idaho.

9. BOB’s Industrial Supply Deionized Water (Type II Demineralized H2O)

BOB’S Industrial Supply Deionized Water is proudly bottled in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

The chemical is treated through reverse osmosis and a UV light system to remove all impurities. This guarantees a high-quality ultrapure solution for better performance. 

Are you looking for adequate deionized water for your household appliances? BOB’S Industrial Supply can be an excellent option for you.

Additionally, it’s best for laboratory and industrial applications. It prevents dirt and grime build-up on machinery and keeps clinical equipment from overheating.

It can also can be used as a fire extinguisher.

Its low conductivity will prevent damage to electric equipment.

Note: It’s not intended for drinking.   

10. Renowned Trading Deionized Water

Renowned Trading deionized water is proudly bottled in Waller, Texas, USA.

Renowned Trading prides itself in American Chemical Society (ACS) reagent grade DI water. It’s excellent for laboratory equipment cleaning and sterilization. 

Additionally, it’s trusted for accuracy in lab tests and has no toxic effect on the environment.  


Their DI water is safe for human consumption.

But remember that deionized water lacks essential minerals needed in the body. Although it has no immediate health effects, we recommend drinking other types of water rich in minerals for balance.  

11. Hach Deionized Water

Hach bottled deionized water is a product of Hach Company, which is headquartered in Loveland, Colorado

The chemical is solely intended for laboratory use. It’s not safe for human consumption applications. 

12. ChemWorld Type I ASTM Deionized Water

ChemWorld Type I DI water is manufactured and bottled by ChemWorld, a U.S-based chemical supplier located in Taylor, Michigan

The DI water meets all bio-medical grade specifications. Its purity level is < 20 uS/cm and > 18 Megaohm- cm. 

The water is passed through a cartridge filter, carbon filter, dual mixed bed ion-exchanged units, and UV sterilization. Thanks to this rigorous process, the end product is ultrapure. This makes it excellent for clinical/laboratory applications.


It’s not intended for food, beverage, and medical, or human consumption applications.

Is Distilled Water The Same As Deionized Water?

Distilled water and deionized water are both highly purified water.

Deionized and distilled water uses are more or less the same. However, the difference comes in the preparation process. 

  • Distilled water is made through distillation, where water is heated to steam. The steam is re-condensed in a separate container leaving almost all impurities in the original container. 
  • Deionized water is obtained from deionization, where water is filtered using resin beads that remove all ions. I.e., all dissolved salts are removed.   

Another difference is that distillation takes more time while deionization is quicker. 

Does DI Water Mean Distilled Water?

DI water means deionized water, which is ultrapure water. Distilled water is passed through reverse osmosis and deionization membranes to make it deionized (DI) water. 

Should I Use Deionized Or Distilled Water In My CPAP Machine?

Manufacturers and health practitioners recommend using distilled water in the CPAP machine’s humidifier chamber.

Distilled water helps the machine run smoothly and prevents bacteria from entering your lungs. It’s also ideal for optimum air pressure.

Additionally, distilled water is pure; hence no mineral build-up in your humidifier.

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