Best Water Filter Pitchers

If you’re concerned about how contaminated your tap or well water is then you know that a good filter pitcher can make all the difference.

A simple, efficient, and reasonably priced filter pitcher can mean the difference between endless clean water, and harmful and foul tasting contaminated water for you and your family.

Which Water Filter Pitcher Should I Get?

I’ve used numerous water filter pitchers over the years and my favorite one, by far, is the Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher. I wrote a really thorough post outlining all the factors I consider in a filter pitcher and how the Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher checks all the important boxes without breaking the bank. You can read all about the Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher and why it’s the best filter pitcher for you and your family that’s available on the market by clicking on this link.

Brita Water Filter Pitcher

Which Water Filter Pitcher Is Best For Well Water?

If you use a domestic well, a filter pitcher able to remove bacteria, cysts and viruses are a necessity.  That’s why for well water I really like the Epic Nano Water Filter Jug.

It uses a nano filter meaning it removes a lot more than most other filter pitchers, but it’s a lot easier to use and needs less frequent filter changes than most other brands.  And honestly with its 150 gallons of purified water per filter it puts out more clean water than most pitchers on the market.

Check out my explanation of the Epic Nano Water Filter Jug by clicking here.

There you have it, my 2 favorite filter pitchers for your home or office.

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