Brands Of Bottled Water That Are Alkaline

Consumption of alkaline water continues to grow, with more than 520 million liters consumed each year. Yet, there are both naturally and artificially alkaline waters available on the market, and it can be difficult to know which you are purchasing and consuming.

In fact, alkaline water has become so popular in the last decade that many athletes swear by its ability to improve hydration. Although, there is little scientific evidence to suggest it is healthier than other types of water.

Interestingly, alkaline water can either be naturally or artificially alkaline, and often has a bitter taste.

The taste of naturally alkaline water is improved by naturally occurring minerals that enter the water through rock and soil, including calcium, magnesium and bicarbonate. While the taste of artificially alkaline water is usually improved by the addition of minerals, electrolytes or antioxidants after the filtration and ionization process.

Below is a table that details ALL of the brands of alkaline water available in the U.S., what their pH is, and importantly whether the water is naturally or artificially alkaline.

There is a lot of water to choose from, so keep reading to find out more about each brand!

BrandArtificial or NaturalpH
Acqua Panna Spring WaterNatural8.0
Alkawonder Spring WaterNatural9.4
Aspira PuraArtificial9.5
AQUAhydrate Artificial9
blk. Alkaline WaterArtificial8.0
BODYARMOR SportWaterArtificial9.0
Diamond CreekArtificial9.5
Flow Spring WaterNatural8.1
Greek Springs WaterNatural8.0
Icelandic Glacial Spring WaterNatural8.4
Jove Alkaline WaterArtificial9.5
JUST waterNatural8.0
PATH waterArtificial9.5
Perfect HydrationArtificial9.5
TEN Spring WaterArtificial10
Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic WaterNatural8.2

22 Best Brands Of Alkaline Water

Here are the best 22 brands of bottled alkaline water, from all around the world, and available in the U.S. Click on each image to view more information regarding their product on Amazon.

Acqua Panna Italian Spring Water

Acqua Panna bottles naturally alkaline, mountain fresh spring water from the Tuscany region of Italy. The spring water spends more than a decade beneath the Tuscan hills, becoming increasingly alkaline and improving its mineral content. In fact, Acqua Panna water is naturally enriched in calcium and magnesium.

Acqua Panna’s Italian spring water is considered one of the smoothest tasting spring waters on the market and has a naturally high pH of 8.0 or greater. The water is also bottled at the source in BPA-free and 100% recyclable plastic.


Alkaline88 water is artificially alkaline water that is purified via reverse osmosis, before an Electrochemically Activated Water (ECA) system increases the pH of the water to 8.8, using nothing but pink Himalayan salt.

In fact, the pink Himalayan salt adds 84 trace minerals and electrolytes to the water.

The alkaline water is then subjected to a final UltraViolet purification stage before it is bottled in BPA-free recyclable plastic.

Alkawonder Naturally Alkaline Spring Water

Alkawonder Spring Water comes from mountains in Romania and is naturally alkaline.

The water is rich in antioxidants and has an incredible pH of 9.4, the highest pH of any naturally alkaline water available in the U.S. To put that in perspective, the pH of the tap water in your home is between 6.5 and 8.5!

Aspira Pura

Aspira Pura water is ionized alkaline water with a pH of 9.5. The water is enhanced with electrolytes to improve the flavor after it is filtered using reverse osmosis and ozone.

No chlorine, fluoride or chemicals are added to this water – just electrolytes!


AQUAhydrate is electrolyte enhanced alkaline water, with a pH of 9 or more. The high pH is achieved by electrolysis and has a much smoother taste than many of the ionized alkaline waters on the market.

2x more electrolytes than the leading electrolyte-enhanced water are added to AQUAhydrate and help make this one of the more popular tasty brands of alkaline water.

blk. Alkaline Water

blk. is alkalized non-flavored water with a pH of 8 or more. blk. water is unique in the alkaline water market because of its additives.

blk. adds fulvic and humic acids, trace minerals and electrolytes to its water. In fact, the water itself is BLACK, it is not just the bottle or the label. Read that again… THE WATER IS BLACK.

Like most other types of alkaline water it contains zero calories, caffeine, flavoring, dyes or sugars.

Many people love the taste of blk. water, however many people do not. Whether this is just a mental reaction to the water being black is unknown. However, if you are on any medications or have any health conditions it is recommended that you speak to your health professional before consuming this alkaline water.


BODYARMOR SportWater should not be confused with BODYARMOR Sports Drink. BODYARMOR SportWater is reverse osmosis water with potassium bicarbonate, calcium chloride and magnesium chloride added. It is simple, artificially alkaline water, with a pH of 9 (or more) and zero calories.

On the other hand, the Sports Drink is filtered water with an array of flavors added, such as cane sugar, coconut water and vegetable juice concentrates. The Sports Drink is NOT alkaline water, and can have as many as 90 calories in a 12oz bottle.

Diamond Creek

Diamond Creek water is spring water sourced from an aquifer and naturally mineralized. The water is ionized to make it alkaline, with a high pH of 9.5.

Diamond Creek spring water also contains antioxidants and has a taste that is popular with most people.


Essence is artificially alkaline water, with a pH of 10.

There is very little information available about Essence water. However we do know that a patented mineral blend is added to Essence water, and because it’s patent is currently pending the specific minerals added are a secret.

Although from the website it is apparent that at the very least calcium, magnesium and zinc are added.

Essence water also adds antioxidants and the special addition of organic Hibiscus.


Essentia water is artificially alkaline. The water comes from tap water sources and is purified by microfiltration and reverse osmosis.

Following purification the water is infused with electrolytes, including baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) and calcium chloride, to improve its taste.

However, Essentia achieves alkalinity by removing acidic ions from the water through a proprietary ionization process. This gives the artificially alkaline water pH levels of 9.5 or higher, and a clean and smooth-taste.


Evamor water is naturally alkaline, artesian water with a pH that naturally fluctuates between 8.8 and 9.1.

The water is naturally filtered underground over thousands of years, while the aquifer’s mineral deposits naturally mineralize the water and give it high alkalinity.

The alkaline water is captured and bottled right at the artesian source, in Covington, Louisiana. Nothing is added to this water. It is as naturally alkaline, as they come.

Flow Alkaline Spring Water

Flow Water is 100% naturally alkaline water that comes from an artesian spring in Virginia.

The alkaline water is filtered through rocks that are rich in calcium, magnesium and bicarbonate, which naturally mineralize the spring water as it moves through the pore spaces of the rock. The resultant water is enhanced by natural electrolytes for a smooth taste and has an average pH of 8.1.

Flow passes the water through a double-filtration system and purifies it with UltraViolet light before collecting it in 100% recyclable, 68-75% renewable packaging.

Greek Springs Natural Alkaline Spring Water

Greek Springs Water is naturally alkaline, with a pH of 8.0. The water itself comes from an ancient spring on Mount Ida, located on the Island of Crete

The 100% spring water is naturally enriched in calcium and magnesium, and is low in sodium. Importantly, Greek Springs Water undergoes ZERO processing. It is pure, natural, alkaline water at its finest.

Icelandic Glacial Natural Spring Alkaline Water

Icelandic Glacial Spring water is naturally alkaline, with an impressive pH of 8.4.

The alkaline spring water is naturally filtered through volcanic rock for more than 5,000 years before it is bottled at the Ölfus Spring in Iceland..

It is the volcanic rock that makes the water naturally alkaline. Unlike many other alkaline waters, Icelandic Glacial Spring Water is low in minerals, giving it a unique taste that is preferred by many.


Jove water is artificially alkaline water that undergoes 3 primary processes

  1. Purification – a 9-stage reverse osmosis system purifies the water
  2. Alkalinization – the water is infused with a patented liquid silica
  3. Infusion – the water is infused with electrons

Jove’s water is individual on the market as it is the only brand that adds liquid silica to its water. The silica increases the pH of the water.

They claim Jove water hydrates the body at a cellular level, through “deep hydration”. However, you should check with your health professional that consuming increased levels of silica is safe for you, personally.

JUST Spring Water

JUST is naturally alkaline spring water sourced from the Adirondack Mountains in Upstate New York. JUST collects the water from the spring and then uses microfiltration, UltraViolet light and ozone to purify it.

One thing that is great about JUST Spring water is that rather than bottling your water in plastic, they place it in cartons! The cartons are 100% recyclable and of course Plant-Based, BPA Free, Sustainable.

JUST Spring Water has a pH of 8.0, and a naturally pure, crisp taste.

PATH water

PATH water undergoes seven steps of filtration before it is made alkaline, with an elevated pH of 9.5. These steps includes a carbon blocker, sediment filter, ten micron filter, reverse osmosis membrane, five micron filter, ultra violet light and ozone.

The water is packaged in special lightweight, aluminum water bottles that are reusable, recyclable, and future-friendly.

Perfect Hydration Alkaline Water

Perfect Hydration Water comes from U.S-based water sources ONLY, and undergoes a 9-stage purification process before electrolytes and minerals are added for taste. It is interesting to note, that Perfect Hydration DON’T use sodium, chlorine or fluoride (unlike many other brands).

Perfect Hydration Water is available in both plastic bottles and cans, and comes in a huge range of sizes, including:

  • 16.9 oz
  • 20 oz
  • 1 Liter
  • 1.5 Liter
  • 1 Gallon

QURE water

QURE water is artificially alkaline water that undergoes 5 primary steps of what the company calls “Quration”. Quration involves:

  1. Purifying (Through reverse osmosis)
  2. Mineralizing (The addition of minerals to the purified water)
  3. Quring (Ensures chemical and pH stability)
  4. Polishing (The water is passed through coconut and mesh filters for a smooth taste)
  5. Cleansing (Ultraviolet and ozonation sterilization for a crisp taste)

At the end of the process, QURE water has a very alkaline pH of 10, but with a smooth taste that many other brands lack.

QURE water also comes in flavors:


Smartwater is vapor distilled water, with calcium chloride and potassium bicarbonate added. The water is artifically alkalized through an ionization process, to a pH of 9.

Because distilled water can often taste bland, Smartwater has electrolytes added for a pure crisp taste. Potassium, calcium and magnesium are the main electrolytes added.

Smartwater is sodium, sugar and fluoride free, and contains no artificial coloring or flavoring.

TEN Spring Water

TEN Water is artificially alkaline spring water. The water is collected from natural springs at the base of the Appalachian Mountains before it is enhanced with a combination of alkaline minerals to achieve an almost ridiculously high pH of 10.

The alkaline water has also been lab-tested to ensure the water will maintain its high pH for at least 2 years. So, you can be sure when you are drinking TEN water it is definitely alkaline.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is naturally alkaline and is rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium, silica and sodium.

The Hawaiian Volcanic Water filters down through tens of thousands of feet of volcanic rock and emerges as a natural spring at the base of the Mauna Loa volcano. The volcanic rock enhances the water with natural minerals and electrolytes that gives the water a smoother taste than many other brands of naturally alkaline water.

Waiakea Water is one of the most alkaline natural waters in the world with a pH of 8.4. Waiakea water is also carbon neutral, with all bottles made from high-grade, BPA free, RPET post-consumer recycled plastic -making Waiakea an environmentally friendly choice for alkaline water too.

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