Brands Of Bottled Water That Are Spring Water

If you like clean, crisp tasting water then you have probably already tried spring water. Spring water never tastes bland or flat, and comes with the assurance that it is sourced naturally and does not contain any toxins or additives.

Spring water (or mountain water) is, as the name implies, water that comes from a spring – which can be underground or at the Earth’s surface. The water flows naturally to the surface, and is collected at the spring or from a bore that taps the underground rock formation (aquifer) feeding the spring.

For water to be sold as ‘spring water’ in the U.S it is subject to protection and with a few exceptions cannot be modified or treated. 

18 Brands of Spring Water

Here are the best 18 brands of bottled spring water, fresh from mountain locations all around the world, and available in the U.S. Click on each image to view more information regarding their product on Amazon.

1. Acqua Panna

Acqua Panna collects its spring water from Mugella, in the Tuscany region of Italy. The spring water spends 14 years beneath the Tuscan hills, building its mineral balance and becoming increasingly alkaline, with a pH of 8.0 or higher.

Acqua Panna’s Italian spring water is considered one of the smoothest tasting spring waters on the market. The bottles are also BPA-free and 100% recyclable.

2. Alkawonder Naturally Alkaline Spring Water

Alkawonder Spring Water comes from the Carpathian Mountains in Romania and is naturally alkaline. In fact the water has an incredible pH of 9.4, the highest pH of any bottled water available in the U.S.

To put that in perspective, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recommends that tap water pH does not exceed 8.5.

While alkaline water has become increasingly popular, there is little scientific evidence to suggest it is healthier than other types of water.

Alkaline water also has a bitter taste, so the naturally occurring minerals in the water can help improve the taste of the water. Minerals such as calcium, silica, potassium, magnesium, and bicarbonate are usually present.

3. Alpine Spring Water

Alpine Spring Water is more commonly known as Crystal Geyser Spring Water.

Although, the water itself comes from springs in Benton (TN), Johnstown (NY), Moultonborough (NH), Mt. Shasta (CA), Norman (AR), Olancha (CA) and Salem (SC).

Alpine Spring water is filtered before it is bottled, but don’t worry the water keeps all of its natural electrolytes and minerals. It is only unwanted contaminants that are removed.

4. Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water

Arrowhead water comes from springs located in California, Colorado and Canada. The water is 100% spring water, but it is also filtered. According to Arrowhead, the water is run through a 10-step process before it is bottled.

Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water comes as both fluoridated and non-fluoridated bottled water – so make sure you check the label of the bottle to know which one you are purchasing.

Although, by the time the water is filtered and has fluoride added it may not exactly be the pure mountain fresh spring water you were searching for.

5. Deer Park Spring Water

Deer Park spring water comes from a range of springs on the East Coast of the U.S. The water is collected from 12 different springs located across 4 states, including Maryland (Frontier Spring), Pennsylvania (Frontier Spring), South Carolina (Swift Spring) and Florida (Crystal, Crypress, Madisson Blue, and White Springs).

The water contained in the Deer Park branded bottles can range from neutral to alkaline because of the different springs it is sourced from. However, the pH is usually between 6.6-8.2, which is perfect for water.

Similarly, the mineral content from one bottle to the next can vary a great deal, depending on which spring the water has come from.

6. Evian Spring Water

Evian bottles natural spring water from the Cachat Spring, in France. The water is sourced from rain that falls high up on a glacial plateau in the French Alps, which gradually winds its way down through rock for over 15 years, emerging at the foot of the mountains, near the town of Évian-les-Bains.

Evian spring water is fresh and crisp tasting, with a balanced pH of 7.2. The water also contains natural minerals and electrolytes from its time in contact with the underground rocks of the region.

7. FIJI Natural Artesian Water

Fiji water is considered to be some of the purest spring water available on the market. The water begins as clouds that travel on the Equatorial Trade Winds to the Fijian Islands.

The rain falls on pristine rainforest in the remote Yaqara Valley on the island of Viti Levu, before filtering for years through volcanic rock.

Unlike some other brands of spring water, Fijian Natural Artesian Water is not filtered or changed in any way. It is simply bottled at the source.

Fijian Natural Artesian Water has a smooth taste thanks to its naturally high mineral and electrolyte content, including calcium, magnesium, potassium and silica. In fact, the water is also purely neutral, with a ph of 7.7.

8. Flow Alkaline Spring Water

Flow Water comes directly from an artesian spring in Verona, Virginia.

The 100% spring water is naturally filtered through limestone and dolostone. These are rocks rich in calcium, magnesium and bicarbonate that naturally mineralize the spring water as it moves through the pore spaces of the rock.

The water also passes through a double-filtration system and is purified by UltraViolet light before packaging.

Flow Spring Water isn’t just bottled spring water though. The family-owned business is all about sustainability, with the naturally alkaline spring water sold in 100% recyclable, 68-75% renewable packing.

9. Icelandic Glacial Natural Spring Alkaline Water

Icelandic Glacial Spring water comes from the Ölfus Spring in Iceland. The water filters through the volcanic rock for over 5,000 years before it is bottled.

The volcanic rock makes the water naturally alkaline, with an impressive pH of 8.4.

Many people prefer the taste of Icelandic Glacial Spring water because it is low in minerals, which is unique among spring water brands.

10. JUST Water

JUST Spring Water is sourced from the Glens Falls watershed at the base of the Adirondack Mountains in Upstate New York. JUST collects the water from the spring and use microfiltration, UltraViolet light and ozone before bottling it.

One thing that is great about JUST Spring water is that rather than bottling your water in plastic, they place it in cartons! The cartons are 100% recyclable and of course, BPA-free. JUST water continues to stand out in a crowd of spring water brands with its range of fruit infused water too.

11. Mountain Valley Spring Water

Mountain Valley has been bottling spring water in the Ouachita Mountains for 150 years.

To preserve the water’s natural taste, balanced (neutral) pH and rich mineral content Mountain Valley only ever use glass bottles. Never plastic!

Actually, Mountain Valley Spring Water doesn’t just taste amazing, it has the awards to prove it. Awarded  the best in the world a whopping four times! It is definitely some of the best tasting water in the U.S.

12. Ozarka Spring Water

Don’t let the name fool you. Ozarka Spring Water is based in the U.S.

Ozarka Spring Water is sourced from three springs in east Texas, the Rohler, Moffit and Piney Woods Springs

The 100% natural spring water can vary between the springs. In fact, Ozarka water can vary from acidic to neutral depending on the source spring, with pH ranging from 5.4 – 7.1. Perhaps for this reason, there is not much information available on the exact mineral or electrolyte content of the water.

However, you can easily obtain a water quality report from the Ozarka website.

Otherwise, be sure to check the label on your bottle for specific information about the water you are about to drink.

13. Poland Spring Water

Poland Spring is one of the brands of bottled spring water that actually comes from the continental U.S! The water is sourced from springs that are surrounded by pine trees, and located throughout Maine, including:

  • Bella Luna Spring, Lincoln
  • Bradbury Spring, Valley between Sugarloaf and Mount Abraham
  • Cold Spring, Pleasant Mountain
  • Clear Spring, Maine
  • Ellis Spring, Rumford
  • Evergreen Spring, Western Mountains
  • Garden Spring, Poland
  • Poland Spring, Poland
  • Spruce Spring, Bigelow Mountain Range
  • White Cedar Spring, Saddleback Mountain

Poland Spring Water contains naturally occurring electrolytes and has a crisp, refreshing taste.

14. Saratoga Spring Water

Saratoga first began bottling water in 1872 on the shores of Geyser Lake in Saratoga Springs, NY. Their water comes in three varieties, naturally still, sparkling and flavored sparkling.

The Saratoga Spring Water has a clean and crisp taste, and is naturally low in minerals. In fact, not only does it taste good, but you also feel a bit fancy drinking out of the cobalt-blue glass bottle (well, at least I do!).

15. TEN Spring Water

TEN Spring Water has a high pH and is rich with alkaline minerals and electrolytes. The water is collected from springs at the base of the Appalachian Mountains, and sold in BPA-free plastic bottles.

Calcium is frequently found in high concentrations in spring water, but not in TEN Spring water. Rather the water is filtered through quartzite and granite, which is not naturally high in calcium.

16. Volvic Spring Water

Volvic bottle their water at the Clairvic Spring in the town of Volvic, part of the Auvergne region in central France.

Volvic Spring water is naturally filtered through 6 layers of porous volcanic lava rock and infused with electrolytes such as calcium, sulfates, magnesium, potassium, bicarbonates, silica and chlorides. The water is not altered in any way – in fact, the first time the water sees daylight is when it is bottled!

17. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water comes from a spring at the base of the Mauna Loa volcano, on Big Island. The Hawaiian spring water filters down through 14,000 feet of volcanic rock, which enhances the water with natural minerals and electrolytes, giving it a unique taste.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is rich in silica, calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium, and is naturally alkaline with a pH of 7.6 – 8.2.

18. Zephyrhills Spring Water

People often question whether Zephyrhills Spring Water is actually spring water. Not only is it 100% spring water, but it is sourced entirely from the state of Florida.

Zephyrhills bottles water from 5 different springs located across Florida, including springs near the Apalachicola, Choctawhatchee and Withlacoochee rivers.

The water goes through a 10-step process that incorporates filtration before it is sold in the shops. The pH of Zephyrhills Spring Water can vary a great deal because of the different springs that supply the water, so there is no way of telling if the bottle you are drinking from is alkaline or a nice-tasting neutral.

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