Brands Of Bottled Water With Low Or No Chlorine

Chlorine is widely used across the U.S. as a disinfectant in water treatment. However, chlorinated water often has an unpleasant smell and taste, with many people preferring to purchase chlorine-free bottled water.

Bottled water with low or no chlorine is an easy way to access unchlorinated drinking water. Several major brands, such as Nestle, Aquafina and LIFEWTR, have a range of chlorine-free bottled water available.

This article will discuss some of the best brands that offer pure, chlorine-free bottled water for you to consider.

Why drink chlorine-free water?

As we’ve identified, chlorinated water has a unique taste and smell that some people don’t like. The effect on taste and smell depends on the water quality and chlorine concentration. The greater the concentration of chlorine, the more likely you are to smell and taste in your drinking water.

However, chlorinated water can be filtered to remove the chlorine, thus improving taste and odor.

11 Brands of bottled water with low or no chlorine

1. LIFEWTR Premium Purified Water

LIFEWTR Premium Purified Water is a 23.7oz sized bottle of water with no chlorine. It’s unflavored purified water with added electrolytes like magnesium and potassium for improved taste.

This premium water is pH balanced (between 6.4 and 7.4) to improve your metabolism and avoid excess acid in your blood and cells. It also has zero calories. The bottles are made of BPA-free recyclable material (100% safe).

Enjoy hydration from this premium purified water sourced and bottled in the USA.

2. Ozarka 100% Natural Spring Water

Ozarka 100% Natural Spring Water is sourced from natural springs in the heart of Texas and contains no chlorine. It’s packaged in 12oz fully recyclable plastic bottles (the cap and level are non-recyclable). It also comes in 700ml, 1L, and 1.5L of pure still water.

Have a taste of crisp, refreshing, naturally pure water with no added sweeteners or calories.

3. Nestle Pure Life Splash

Nestle Pure Life Splash has zero chlorine. It’s flavored with natural fruits to make hydration fun.

They source their water from natural underground springs, flavor it with natural fruits, and package it without adding sugar or artificial flavors. You can choose from their 6 delicious flavors.

Each bottle serves you 16.9oz of purified, unchlorinated water with zero calories. Stay hydrated and complement your fun activities with the Nestle Pure Life Splash bottled water.

It is also available unflavored, if you simply enjoy the taste of fresh chlorine-free water.

4. Aquafina Water

Aquafina Water meets the EPA regulations with insignificant chlorine levels of 0.5mg.

Each bottle offers 12oz of perfectly purified water. The taste and smell are greatly improved due to the low chlorine levels.

The water comes from public sources, and undergoes a rigorous purification process that includes reverse osmosis and other filtration processes. This effectively removes chlorine and other impurities, leaving the water pure and tasty.

5. Glaceau SmartWater Water

Glaceau SmartWater Water contains no chlorine. Minerals and other impurities are removed as water is evaporated and allowed to cool to separate the water molecules from contaminants, known as vapor distillation.

It comes in bottles of 15-33.8oz capacity. Each bottle contains pure, tasty water with no calories or sodium.

They also add electrolytes for improved crisp taste.

Glaceau SmartWater is an excellent choice if looking for low chlorine purified water.

6. Evian Natural Spring Water

Evian Natural Spring Water is a premium bottled water with no chlorine.

It blends the benefits of mineral water and spring water in one tasty packaging. This gives the water a neutrally balanced pH of 7.2.

Evian Natural stands apart from other commercial bottled waters due to its distinct and smooth flavor, provided by its well-balanced electrolytes. They source their water from the French Alps, preserving the minerals from the glaciers.

Discover the natural crisp taste from Evian spring water without worrying about chlorine and other impurities.

The bottle has an impressive capacity of 42.27oz, keeping you hydrated anywhere.

7. CORE Hydration

CORE Hydration is a nutrient-enhanced ultra-purified bottled water that contains no chlorine. The bottles come in various sizes; 16.9oz, 20oz, 23.9oz, 30.4oz, and 44oz, all made of BPA-free material.

CORE hydration bottled water blends refreshing, tasty water with a neutral pH of 7.4. They add natural electrolytes to improve the taste making hydration fun and refreshing.

Apart from the taste, the added minerals improve your metabolism.

Grab yourself CORE bottled water and discover the excellent taste in pure water free from impurities like chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, and chromium.

8. JUST Water

JUST Water Premium Pure bottled water has no chlorine and is packaged in eco-friendly cartons built of plant material that is easily identifiable and fully recyclable.

The water comes from an alkaline spring in upstate New York’s Adirondack Mountains, giving you the fresh taste of naturally alkaline water (a pH of 8.0).

The bottles come in 16.9oz, 11.2oz, and 33.8oz sizes.

Discover the taste of premium alkaline spring water free of chlorine with JUST Water bottled water.

9. Essentia Bottled Water

Essentia Bottled Water contains no chlorine. The water is purified with reverse osmosis and microfiltration process to effectively remove 99.9% of water contaminants like chlorine, fluoride, bacteria, e.t.c.

The water is then added with electrolytes that improve taste and complement your body’s natural state.

Essentia is bottled in 20oz, 1L, and 1.25L bottles. Each bottle contains purified and tasty alkaline water with a pH of 9.5 or higher.

Say no to smelly chlorinated water and grab this ionized bottled water for convenient hydration anywhere.

10. Perfect Hydration Bottled Water

Perfect Hydration Bottled Water contains no chlorine. The water is perfectly blended with electrolytes and minerals to create a super-refreshing crisp taste and contains no sodium, chlorine, or fluoride.

Perfect Hydration water has been filtered via nine distinct filtration stages, and electrolytes have been added to help you keep healthy and hydrated. It is also ionized with a pH of 9.5 or more.

Stay hydrated on the go with the 20oz or 33.8oz chlorine-free bottled water.

11. Ice Mountain Brand Natural Spring Water

Ice Mountain Brand Natural Spring Water is a bottled water brand that contains no chlorine. It offers a crisp, refreshing flavor of natural spring water.

Ice Mountain sources its water from carefully selected natural springs in the heart of Michigan and other neighboring states.

Quench your thirst with this easy-to-carry bottled water that contains zero calories, no sweeteners, and zero artificial colors. 

They have a capacity of 16.9oz bottles made of 100% recyclable plastic. – perfect for any occasion. 

Water Purification Guide also has some great information about water filters and shower filters that can remove chlorine available here and here.

It is important to note that adverse health effects from high chlorine levels in drinking water are unlikely to occur. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has strict regulations on water disinfection with chlorine. They only allow a maximum of 4 milligrams per liter, which is safe. This helps prevent toxic levels of chlorine in water supplies/bottled water.

Different types of water and chlorine presence

  • Spring Water is ground water that flows naturally to the earth’s surface and does not contain chlorine. It filters naturally and takes years to form. The water includes nutrients, minerals, and helpful microorganisms.

  • Mineral Water is water found underground and has no chlorine. However, it contains naturally occurring and essential minerals like magnesium and calcium.

  • Distilled water is normal tap water that has been purified by boiling and condensation. It contains no chlorine.

  • Purified water is water that has gone through water filtration processes to remove impurities. Purified water may contain some chlorine, depending on the method of purification used.

  • Well-Water is water from underground that has been brought to the surface through wells, usually by pumps. Private well-water has not been treated with chlorine and thus has zero (or close to) chlorine levels. However, it contains other contaminants like bacteria that need to be filtered out through effective purification processes.

Does all bottled water contain chlorine?

Not all bottled water contains chlorine. Several companies source their bottled water from natural springs, which contains no chlorine. While other companies dechlorinate their water, before bottling.

Many bottlers use typical raw water and pass it through various purification processes to filter out chlorine. This water may contain low levels of chlorine or no chlorine at all. E.g., distilled bottled water will contain zero chlorine.

How can I get water without Chlorine?

Water without chlorine can be obtained by applying one of several water purification techniques, such as reverse osmosis, distillation or filtration.

Reverse osmosis filtering is a low-cost, long-term solution to providing a home with sufficient chlorine-free drinking water.

Reverse Osmosis Systems use a semi-permeable membrane where water passes from a high concentration to a low concentration, trapping contaminants. It also uses pre- and post-filters to remove chlorine and other contaminants effectively. 

Boiling and condensing water is another method for removing chlorine from water. Distillation systems work by heating water to the boiling point and then capturing the water vapor as it cools and condenses, leaving numerous impurities. Distillation systems are very successful in removing all chlorine from drinking water.

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