Brands Of Bottled Water Low In Sodium

Sodium is a mineral that is found naturally in many types of water. It can also be used as a flavor enhancer for some bottled waters and may help with achieving fluid balance in athletes. However, for some people, high levels of sodium can cause health problems or worsen existing conditions. 

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) has even established a recommended limit of 20 milligrams of sodium per liter (mg/L) for drinking water (the total recommended daily intake is 2,300 mg of sodium, according to the FDA).

It’s essential to limit your sodium intake if you have existing medical conditions like high blood pressure, stroke, kidney disease, or heart disease. 

With that said, we have compiled a list of bottled water brands below that have lower levels of sodium compared to the others.

11 Brands Of Bottled Water Low In Sodium

Below are 11 Brands of low sodium bottled water. Keep reading as we also provide 4 brands of bottled water with NO sodium!

Brands Of Bottled Water Low In Sodium.  Data sourced from water analysis reports for the relevant brands. Evian has the lowest sodium content with 6.9 mg/L.
Brands Of Bottled Water Low In Sodium. Data sourced from water analysis reports for the relevant brands. Image created for

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1. Ice Mountain Spring Water

Sodium Content:  2.7 – 8.9 mg/L

Ice Mountain Natural Spring Water has has a sodium content that ranges between 2.7 and 8.9 mg/L. This brand has been a local favorite for generations and guarantees premium quality for every bottle by providing 100% natural spring water. This is made possible through their 12-step filtration process. 

In addition, it comes in a variety of sizes that are just right for you and your entire family.

2. FIJI Natural Artesian Water

Sodium Content:  17 mg/L

Taking its water source from an untouched natural spring, the FIJI Natural Artesian contains a perfectly balanced 7.7 pH and 17 mg/L of sodium, making it friendly for your heart and kidneys. 

The company uses volcanic rock filtration to achieve its signature soft and smooth taste. On top of that, their 500mL bottle offers a perfect grab-and-go size. 

3. Arrowhead Bottled Water

Sodium Content:  11.1 mg/L

Drinking Arrowhead Water is another healthy way to hydrate your body. Arrowhead Bottled Water has 11.1 mg/L of sodium and offers you a very refreshing flavor.

Founded in 1987, the Arrowhead brand has gained so much popularity over the years that you can find them almost everywhere.

A 10-step quality process ensures that the brand only produces 100% naturally filtered mountain spring water. 

4. Nestlé Pure Life Bottled Purified Water

Sodium Content:  9.5 mg/L

All drops of water in the Nestlé Pure Life bottles go through a rigorous multi-step filtration process involving reverse osmosis or distillation.

Enriched with minerals, the brand’s prized water is carefully obtained from a public water supply system. As a result, it guarantees clean drinking water with no calories and sweeteners added. 

Nestlé Pure Life Bottled Purified Water has a sodium content of 9.5 mg/L.

5. Evian Natural Spring Water

Sodium Content:  6.9 mg/L

A low-sodium diet requires people to consume bottled water with lower sodium content, such as Evian Natural Spring Water with a sodium content of 6.9 mg/L.

Whether served by a glass or by sipping directly from the bottle, it is perfect for drinking at home, at the gym, or at school. 

A unique, distinctive, smooth taste given by its well-balanced electrolytes makes Evian Natural stand apart from other commercial bottled waters. Drinking one bottle brings no harm to the environment as Evian utilizes up to 35% recycled plastic bottles. 

Pack them in your gym bag or backpack or keep them in your fridge for a cool refreshment at any time.

6. Icelandic Glacial Natural Spring Alkaline Water

Sodium Content:  11 mg/L

Icelandic Glacial water has a sodium content of 11 mg/L and fulfills your hydration needs in the most pleasing way possible.

It is sourced from the underground Olfus Spring in Iceland, meticulously filtered through volcanic rock. The company’s filtration process provides safe drinking water with exceptional purity, crisp, and clean finish. 

Additionally, Icelandic Glacial is the world’s first carbon-neutral bottled water in terms of both product and operation. 

7. Deer Park Sparkling Water

Sodium Content:  7.6 mg/L

Taken from preselected springs, this bottled water is free from calories, sweeteners, and artificial colors. Deer Park Sparking Water contains 7.6 mg/L sodium, which is responsible for its distinctly natural-tasting profile. 

Deer Park Sparking Water comes in a rainbow of flavors including lively lemon, lemon lime, zesty lime, orange, pomegranate lemonade, rainbow, raspberry lime, simply bubbles, summer strawberry, triple berry, ruby red grapefruit, lemon ginger, white peach ginger, orange mango, blood orange hibiscus, and black cherry!

8. Essentia Bottled Water

Sodium Content:  13 mg/L

Wherever you go or whatever you do, Essentia Water promises to take your hydration to the next level. 

Using a revolutionary three-step ionization process, consumers experience a crisp, fresh taste of premium hydration from this brand.

With 13 mg/L sodium content, this case of twelve 1L (33.8 Oz) electrolyte-enhanced Essentia bottled water is committed to keeping you supercharged and is perfect for grab-and-go or for at-home storage. 

9. Poland Spring Water

Sodium Content:  9.1 mg/L

Since the founding of this bottled water brand in 1845, their products have remained the same in terms of quality. Poland Spring Water is drawn from Maine’s preselected springs, with 9.1 mg/L sodium content. 

This product quenches your thirst with its great-tasting natural spring water. Its bottle comes in different shapes and sizes that are all convenient to bring wherever you go.

10. Zephyrhills Natural Spring Water

Sodium Content:  9.2 mg/L

From the Sunshine State of Florida comes a trusted source of hydration for any occasion. Zephyrhills has a sodium content of 9.2 mg/L.

The brand promises to bring 100% natural spring water originating from carefully selected springs and takes pride in the water quality they offer.

Throughout their manufacturing process, samples are subjected to many test results and water quality assessments. 

11. Perrier sparkling mineral water

Sodium Content:  9.7 mg/L

Perrier’s naturally sparkling mineral water is a personal favorite and has a great taste that comes with a low sodium content of 9.7 mg/L.

Perrier has been bottling its refreshing water from France since 1863.

Benefits Of Drinking Low Sodium Water

Although some people believe that drinking too much water can be bad for your health, this is not necessarily true. Drinking enough water every day will help you keep your body hydrated and healthy. And by drinking low-sodium water, you can ensure that you are maximizing your body’s hydration process.

Low Sodium Water for Medical Health Conditions

It is possible to find brands of bottled water that are low in sodium, and many people have realized how beneficial it can be for their health. These are several reasons why low-sodium water products are better than regular bottled water: 

  • Low sodium waters have been shown to lower blood pressure levels by an average of 3 points.
  • Water with less than 20 mg per serving is safe for people who suffer from kidney disease.
  • Low sodium water may aid in reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke.
  • Low sodium water is said to safely increase energy levels. 

Low Sodium Water for Weight Loss

Our society is always looking for the next best diet that will help them lose weight. In fact, it has become a major issue today. With so many fad diets out there, it can be challenging to know which one is actually good for you. 

Water has been a staple in these diets and has also served as one of the most important components of bodyweight management. It can help with hunger cravings, fat metabolism, calorie intake, and many other things necessary for your health and wellbeing.

Because of that, brands of bottled water low in sodium have become popular since they offer an alternative to those who want to limit their sodium intake. People who drink low sodium water tend to have fewer cravings for salty food like chips, fries, and pretzels.

Brands Of Bottled Water That Are Sodium Free

Many people consume bottled water to avoid excess sodium that is found in other drinks. However, it can be difficult to find information about which brands of bottled water are free of sodium, so we have compiled a list for your convenience.

Sodium-free bottled water brands. Data sourced from water analysis reports for the relevant brands. Aquafina, Waterloo, Crystal Geyser and Dasani are sodium-free. Image created for
Sodium-free bottled water brands. Data sourced from water analysis reports for the relevant brands. Image created for

Here are the top four brands of bottled water with a ZERO sodium content

1. Aquafina

2. Waterloo Sparking Water

3. Dasani Purified Water

4. Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water

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The bottled water brands that we have provided are an excellent choice for those who want to reduce their risk of heart disease or are on a low-sodium diet. Drinking bottled water with low amounts of sodium is a big step in taking care of yourself andmay even help with preventing obesity.

These products are good for your health and can be an alternative to unhealthy drinks such as soda or juice. So if you’re looking for a refreshing drink with some kick, try one from our list!

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